British New Wave Programme Two (Cert 15) March 28th (4.00pm) **CANCELLED DUE TO CV-19: NEW FESTIVAL DATES TBC

Mysterious disappearances and unfathomable sounds, a deadly infection and an unstable reality, a ritual of death and renewal, a brutal battle of wills, and a monster far too close to home, in a selection of darker tales from British filmmakers.

Join us on March 28th from 4pm at The Old Bank, 437 Wilmslow Road, Withington. Tickets £5/£4 (concession).


SAFEKEEPING     (Greater Manchester Premiere)
Dir / Wri / Prod: David Yorke, Prod: Phil Beastall
UK, 2019, 10 min 53 sec, Cert 15
Leaving their dangerous home life behind, Jessica and Charlie embark on a journey that will change their lives forever.

Dir / Wri: Harry Baker, Prod: Frances Le
(UK, 2019, 14 min, Cert PG
A happy suburban family mysteriously disappear. Their friends and neighbours puzzle over what could have happened.

THE SOUND (UK Premiere)
Dir / Wri / Prod: Antony Petrou
Cyprus / UK, 2017, 15 mins 15 sec, Cert PG
Beth lives a quiet rural life with her parents, on their secluded family farm. When her fragile mother begins to hear a mystery sound that nobody else can hear, Beth becomes obsessed with helping her.

BE UNCERTAIN (Greater Manchester Premiere)
Dir / Wri: Jack Carrivick, Prod: Simon Scott
UK, 2018, 14 min 42 sec, Cert 15
Stuck in a stagnant routine JD finally does the unexpected only to wish he hadn’t. Now he must try and regain control.

AGE OF REASON (Greater Manchester Premiere)
Dir: Tom Colley, Wri: Edo De-Bruijn  Prod: CA Films
UK, 2018, 11 min, Cert 12A
As the fragile ecology of the planet starts to collapse in on itself, one rural community has a possible solution…

DIRT ASH MEAT (Greater Manchester Premiere)
Dir / Wri: Sion Thomas, Prod: Catrin Lewis Defis
UK, 2019, 11 mins 41 sec, Cert 15
During the devastating foot and mouth outbreak of 2001, Rhian and her brother Dewi struggle to keep the Welsh hill farm they inherited from their father running.

STALKER (Greater Manchester Premiere)
Dir / Wri: Christopher Andrews, Prod: Jacob Swan Hyam, Tessa Inkelaar
UK, 2018, 19 min 37 sec, Cert 15
In the remote forests of the Scottish Highlands, an ageing stalker sets his wits and grit against a young poacher, who is taking the heads of his best stags.

TRT: 97 min 06 sec.

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