Eastern European & Russian Federation Programme (Cert 15) March 25th (6.15pm) **CANCELLED DUE TO CV-19: NEW FESTIVAL DATES TBC

Marital discord and romantic desperation, a lonely old man faced with isolation, a business under threat from Government bureaucracy, and a remarkable tale of wartime survival in this selection of films from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Join us from 6:15pm on March 25th at The Old Bank, 437 Wilmslow Road, Withington. Tickets £5/£4 (concession).


THE RING (European Premiere)
Dir: Kirill Sultanov
Russia, 2019, 19 min 44 sec, Cert: 12A
A student decides to propose to his girlfriend, and visits his divorced parents to uncover the painful history of their marriage…

Dir / Wri: Rolando Garduño, Prod: Anika Homolová
Czech Republic, 20 min Cert 15
Bouncing between driving lessons and Boogie-woogie, Staňa is trying to catch the attention of Brecht, a young photographer who is searching for the perfect image.

DASHA (European Premiere)
Dir / Wri / Prod: Andrew V Merkulov
Russia, 2018, 17 min 12 sec, Cert: 12A
For five years, Dasha, a social service volunteer, has been caring for a lonely old man. Forced to move to another city, she goes to visit him on her day of departure…

Dir / Wri: Adrian Silisteanu, Wri: Claudia Silisteanu, Prod: Anamaria Antoci
Romania, 2019, 16min 59 sec, Cert: 15
Sporadic gunshots echo among the ruins of a village which, though abandoned, is a location of great import for the Romanian government.

Dir / Wri: Tatiana Fedorovskaya, Wri / Prod: Max Dankevich, Prod: Olga Akatieva, Taras Stadnikov, Rustem Samigullin
Ukraine, 2019, 19 min 44 sec, Cert: 15 (F Cert)
Jewish shtetl, Ukraine, 1941. A box of mother’s hairpins – the only thing left from his family – is Yasha’s last chance to escape German invaders and rescue his new friend, a wounded goat kid.

93 min 39 sec

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