Kino Talks: All Things Sound Design with GAS Music March 25th (12:00pm) **CANCELLED DUE TO CV-19: NEW FESTIVAL DATES TBC

“Everything you always wanted to know about Sound you were afraid to ask”

Join us for this utterly fascinating talk on sound design with GAS Music at Albert Square Chop House from 12pm.

Tickets are free! Reserve your tickets here today:


Sound isn’t always what you think it is. The sound that scares you isn’t always the one that you think it is.  Sound design covers foley, underscore, sound effects and silence. You can be fooled into believing something happened when you didn’t see it and you can believe something is loud when it isn’t.  Pasta in a pan might actually be plastic forks in a cup, and wind might actually be water. Sound design can be under if not used by indie film makers and yet it can save you time and help tell your story better. In film, only half of your world is visual so we’ll talk about the other half.

GAS Music are all about music composition, sound design and commercial licensing from their world class GAS Station studios, located in the heart of MediaCityUK.


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