Kino Talks: Women in Film & Success Behind Shorts Funding March 24th (3:00pm) **CANCELLED DUE TO CV-19: NEW FESTIVAL DATES TBC

Join five women who have been successfully funded for their short films by public funding bodies and learn how the process of being funded works. We have Zodwa Nyoni, Kate Graham, Sally Cancello, Jenny Longworth and Zena Igbe as they talk about their journey towards shorts success.

This event takes place at Eagle Labs, Albert Square from 3pm on March 24th. Entry is free! Reserve your space today:


Zodwa is a playwright and poet based in Leeds, England. Her short film MAHOGANY was commissioned by the National Trust and 24 Design Ltd.

Graham is a filmmaker based in Leeds. She has made a number of short films, which have played at festivals nationwide, such as Alice 404.

Cancello is an award-winning actor, writer, director and producer based in Sheffield. She’s written and directed two plays, 16 short films and a teaser for Warner Brothers.

Longworth is a freelance filmmaker having made short films, music videos, commercial production and documentary. She is currently developing her debut feature film.

Igbe developed their first short film project in 2019 writing and directing ‘Sweet Mother’, funded by the British Film Institute.

This talk follows a screening of Women in Film which starts at 2pm at Barclay’s Eagle Labs.


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