Kino Shorts 43, 13th Nov at Black Lion

First of two events this month, the first one at the Black Lion. A great programme of shorts from local filmmakers including two shorts from Jenny Longworth, “M is for Monica” is the filmmaker’s entry into the ABC’s of Death part 2 competition and the surreal dark short “Nightmare”; the latest trailer by hip filmmaker team Chris Cronin and Phil Meachem with the latest cut of the trailer for their ambitious fantasy adventure short “Sophie’s Fortune”; “Love for $17.50” a A dark and twisted tale about a man who finds love in an unusual place, made by Alban Van Wassenhove and starring local actor Joseph Stacey at the first international Kino Kabaret in Paris.

Also showing is the first of its type (as far as we know), “Second Life”, a 30 minute short in which the main character from a virtual online world finds himself in our world. Parts of the ‘second life’ film were filmed in the virtual world of second life itself using real non human avatars.

Full details of tonight’s Kino Shorts on our Facebook event page.

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