Kino Shorts is Back at Mini Cini – Thur June 8th 2023

Thursday 8th June, Kinofilm Festival presents Kino Shorts 71

Doors open at 7.00pm, programme starts 7.30pm (please be early to guarantee your seat)

Kinofilm is pleased to announce the return of our KIINO SHORTS Northwest Short Film showcase and networking event. We are returning to our favourite venue Mini Cine located at Ducie Street Warehouse. Kino Shorts is a programme of new short films from local and North West filmmakers. The event will take place in two parts with Q&A’s with the directors of each part following the films. There will be allocated times for networking and drinks at the bar during the intermission and after the show and will be the perfect opportunity to meet with the filmmakers directly to discuss both the films and explore opportunities for future collaborations. A limited number of tickets are now available. Purchase soon to guarantee your place.

The Q & A sessions  will be hosted by Jeremiah Quinn Director/Producer/Writer and Film Production lecturer at Salford University whose award winning film OLUWALE was screened at Kinofilm Festival last November. 


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The Venue has a bar lounge with a wide range of drinks and food available if you wish to dine before the event.

Latest news, the lovely management at Ducie are offering a 15% discount on food and drink on the night of our event. Just show your ticket to get the discount, either before the show, during or after. Now your chance to get some yummy food on offer pre show. Why go home after work and rush to get back when you can eat at Ducie pre-show.

Address: Ducie Street Warehouse, 51 Ducie Street, Manchester. M1 2TP

TICKETS ARE £4.50 in advance (plus booking fee) AVAILABLE ONLY ON EVENTBRITE. Unsold tickets will be available from the venue on the night priced at £5.00 (CASH ONLY).

Limited Availability so advisable to book in advance. Details of the programme to be announced soon.





Dir / Pro / Wri: Guy Pearson, Co-Wri: Andrew Hodgson, UK, 2023, 6 mins

One man on a mission to finish his project. 


Dir / Wri: Sam Liddell, Prod: Henry Parenti, UK, 2023, 9 mins

When an elderly gentleman seeks to find a place with some peace and quiet to escape his noisy household, he finds a coffee shop that seems too good to be true.


Co-Dir / Wri: Phil Wall, Pro: Chloe Beale, Art Dir: Ben Gardener, An Dir: James Lawson. UK, 2022, 7m

Deep in the countryside, Alastair, a young gay arborist, navigates a lonely existence. When he meets the beautiful, rugged Fergus amongst a backdrop of lush and secluded woodland, sparks predictably fly..


Dir / Wri: Jade Shafto, Pro: Joe Garder, UK, 2023, 3m 26s

A vengeful hen prowls the street at night, looking for those who dare to eat its kind, and a lone woman eating her simple takeaway must now face the consequences of her choices. Following an attack, will she be able to make it home? or will the chicken succeed in it’s hunt for revenge?


Dir: Giuseppe Abba, Pro / Wri: Andy Wynn, UK, 2023, 5m 39s

Aliens walk amongst us! When two meet, it appears they have both made a new friend, but is one of them hiding a dangerous secret?


Dir: Ava Bounds, Pro: Deirdre Bounds, Wri: Bryan Bounds, UK, 2021, 10 mins

A hotel lobby in Depression America is the crucible where a brilliant, ruined drunk battles his demons one last time. This true story reveals. what happens on the day Bill Wilson turns down a drink and creates Alcoholics Anonymous.




Dir/Wri: Luke Walters, Prod: Cinescope Pics, Co-Wri: Jaime Carroll & Nick Georgiou, UK 2022, 3:26

A man working late on his birthday starts to hear a strange noise everywhere he goes, is it in his head? Or something or someone trying to send him a message?


Dir: Nadim Ahmad, Pro: Jade Shafto, Wri: Dylan Stones, UK, 2022, 4 min

Set in present day Manchester, this short follows the perspectives of two different women as they travel home at night and highlights the fear and possible danger that women experience on a regular basis


Dir / Pro: Katie Mason & Suzy Mangion, Visuals: K Mason, Sound: S Mangion, UK, 2023, 12m 42s

A film about pylons, and pylon enthusiasts- people who have a passion for them and are inspired by them. Taking its name from a forgotten poem by Stanley Snaith, one of the 1930s ‘Pylon Poets’,


Dir / Pro: James Club & Liam Steers, Wri: James Clubb, UK 2022, 7 mins

Sam is broke with a girlfriend and baby at home. His walk back from work detours to the pub, all the while making idle promises over the phone that he’ll be home soon. Back on his way, he stumbles across a man sat outside a corner shop, asking for change. At the mans request he offers to buy him a scratch card.


Dir/Pro/Wri: Aatif Ati Zafar, Co-Dir: Mariusz Scislowicz, Co-Pro/Wri: Jagd Singh, UK, 2023, 15 mins

A Steampunk Sci-Fi about a suffocating earth. Plant life is dying and cannot sustain life much longer, threatening not just mankind but all life. An old unhinged scientist is at the helm of leading the withering earth into newborn life. Failing experiments and with time running out, can he save mankind?


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