Posts in Kino Tales 2021

British Panorama: MCR Shorts (Repeat)(Cert 15) 30th October (4PM)

Celebrating all things Mancunian at the festival which has rooted itself in the heart of the city, it is fitting that this programme features in[…]

Kino Tales: Romantic Shorts (Cert 15) 15th May (1:00pm)

Anglo-French relations in the age of Brexit, love colliding with cultural tradition, and a postman with a message of love, a one night stand, and[…]

Kino Tales: Crime Shorts (Cert 18) 15th May (6:00pm)

We’ve moral dilemmas and martial arts mayhem, serial killers and modern day cowboys, a burglary gone bad and a hook-up gone worse, plus the most[…]

Kino Tales: Horror Shorts (Cert 18) 15th May (8:30pm)

Death on the road and paranoia on the mountain trail, fearsome freight and a Faustian pact, period pains and bad body image, the pressure of[…]

Kino Tales: Fantasy & Sci-fi (Cert 15) 15th May (3:30pm)

We’ve robot companions, synthetic chefs and intergalactic postwoman, sinister birth cults, secret agents with edited memories, and ideas that can kill you in this selection[…]

Kino Tales: Comedy Shorts (Cert 15) 15th May (10:30am)

We’ve sex and commerce, lavatory humour and hotel room farce, a competitive game player and a hypocritical censor, an author meeting his audience and a[…]