Posts in Kino Tales 2016

Kino Tales 5: Comedy Tales 2, Fri 26th Feb

Fri 26th Feb, Anthony Burgess Foundation  6.30pm    Tickets now available here. Kino Tales 5: COMEDY TALES 2 (15) Sexual politics, illegal competitions, love and lust[…]

Kino Tales 4: Bizzare Tales, Tue 23rd Feb

Tues 23rd Feb, Anthony Burgess Foundation  8.30pm Kino Tales 4: Bizarre Tales (18)            Tickets now available here.   From writers on the rampage to monstrous[…]

Kino Tales 3: Romantic Tales, Tue 23rd Feb

Tues 23rd Feb, Central Library   6.00pm      Tickets now available here. KINO TALES 3: ROMANTIC TALES (15) Love is on the rocks, it’s on a road[…]

Kino Tales 2: Future Tales, Mon 22nd Feb

Mon 22nd Feb, Central Library  4.00pm    Tickets available here. Kino Tales 2: Future Tales (15) There are dystopias a-plenty, zombies on the rampage, teenage superheroes,[…]

Kino Tales 1: Comedy Shorts 1, Mon 22nd Feb

 Mon 22nd 2.00pm at Central Library Kino Tales 1: COMEDY SHORTS 1         Tickets available here There’s triumph over adversity, muscle, music, unfortunate[…]