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People’s Vote Award Results October 2022

Kinofilm Festival 18th Edition decided to allow the people to decide the winner of our categories this year by allowing them to name their top[…]

Eurocine: Eastern European Shorts (Cert 15) 25th October (4pm)

An eclectic programme of short films from across Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. A programme with something for[…]

Eurocine: Polish Student Shorts (Cert 15) 27th October (8:15PM)

This unique and exceptional programme of student short films and animations curated from the 2021 student films from the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre[…]

Awards Ceremony and Programme: 30th October 7:00PM

Come and join us on the evening of Sunday 30th October for a brilliant celebration and closing ceremony of our 18th Edition Kinofilm Manchester International[…]


A-Z LIST OF FILMS – Screening FILM TITLE DIRECTOR’S NAME PROGRAMME NAME DAY DATE TIME VENUE 1.2 Million Anastasia Arsentyeva Made Up North SUN 23.10.22[…]


DAY DATE TIME PROGRAMME VENUE SECTION ONLINE ON DOOR WEDNESDAY 19 Oct 18:00 Spanish Shorts Instututo Cervantes Eurocine FREE FREE THURSDAY 20 Oct 18:00 Italian[…]

O!PLA Polish Animation (Cert 15) 26th October 2022 (4:00PM)

O!PLA- (Cert15) O!PLA means “Oh! Polish Animation”, but also: “Oh! People Love Animation”, a fitting dual meaning for this collection of short films- it is[…]

Women in Film: Programme 2 (Cert 15) 20th October 2022 (6:00PM)

Questions of the recognition of the self as a problem, the inhumanities of health care gig work, a return to home after an accident, the[…]

Women In Film: Programme 1 (Cert 15) 29th October 2022 (2:00PM)

Tales of survival in war and choices in allyship, racism experienced  in Manchester, the enduring effects of childhood traumas, postponed goodbyes and urgent calls combine[…]

Student: Student Shorts (Cert 15) 27th October 2022 (4:00PM)

A phone call acts as a catalyst, a toy that connects, imaginary companions, ancient news runners, a seaside village, a sailor longing for home, a[…]

Student: Salford Student Shorts (Cert 15) 23rd Oct 2022 (1:00PM)

A collection of imaginative shorts from University of Salford students. Covering a wide range of genres and techniques, this programme bodes well for the future[…]

Outside In: New Voices (Cert 15) 28th October 2022 (4:00PM)

Controversial dinner conversation, caregivers to the homeless, a cross ethnic friendship amidst ethic descrimination, stories of memory loss, anxiety, aftermath of crisis and a magical[…]

Outside In: Documentary (Cert 15) 23rd October 2022 (5:00PM)

This collection of documentaries allow you to aunch yourself into a man facing unexpected fame, an exploration into the healing powers of shared trauma, consider[…]

Outside In: LGBTQ (Cert 15) 27th October 2022 (6:00PM)

Personal perspectives and tales of gender identity and queerness. racial identity, sensual awakening, a transgender experience in Tehran, an  homage to a love lost and[…]

Kino Tales: Horror & Suspense (Cert 15) 28th Oct 2022 (8:15PM)

Stories of niche photography, creepy callers, rooms that grow on their own, child free futures  and a band that has found an ideal new member[…]

Kino Tales: Sci-Fi Tales (Cert 15) 28th October 2022 (6:00PM)

A questionable anxiety therapy, secretive caretakers of an orphanage, a race to againce time to preserve the human species,  the nature of human to android […]

Kino Tales: Comedy Shorts (Cert 15) 22nd October 2022 (9:15PM)

Surreality and reality mix in this selection of comedy tales dealing with medical mishaps, insecurities related to balding, an over the top competition among friends,[…]

Kino Tales: Romantic Tales (Cert 15) 22nd October 2022 (7:30PM)

Stories of Unrequited love, new passions, folk tales, self sacrificing for love, the changing roles of maturing youth in a traditional culture  and the power[…]

Kino Tales: Tales of Women (Cert 15) 22nd October 2022 (5:30PM)

An old woman reflects on the stages of life, a protective mother with a determined daughter strategies against the loneliness of old age, and a[…]

International: Iranian Shorts (Cert 15) 24th Oct 2022 (8:15PM)

A queer boy navigates life in an unaccepting class, a man follows his life’s path, as other experience tragic accidents and hold out hope amidst[…]

International: International Shorts(Cert15) 24th Oct 2022(6:00PM)

An odd anxiety therapy that produces unexpected results, the reflections of a daughter after her father’s death, a story of systemic racism, missing family members,[…]

British Panorama: MCR Shorts (Repeat)(Cert 15) 30th October (4PM)

Celebrating all things Mancunian at the festival which has rooted itself in the heart of the city, it is fitting that this programme features in[…]

British Panorama: Made Up North (Cert 15) 23rd Oct 2022 (3:00PM)

An enduring connection between man and dog, unrequited feelings of love, a magical ring that opens new sensual doors, a gender reveal, a reflective journey[…]

British Panorama: British New Wave 2 (Cert 15) 29th Oct (8:15PM)

The denial of freedom, the power in word reclamation, knowledge in retrospect, the complexities of returning home, ancestry and morality, endangered spaces, reflections on death[…]

British Panorama: British New Wave 1 (Cert 15) 29th Oct (4PM)

Questions of efficacy in gig healthcare work, the dedicated work of a saviour of animals and community, the freedom of foxes, a magical maze, and[…]

British Panorama: BAME (Cert 15) 30th October 2022 (2:00PM)

Immerse yourself in a series of short films exploring what it is like to be Black and British through the lens of film makers across[…]

Animation: Dark & Light (Cert 12) 26th October (8:15PM)

Farmers, hunters, sailors, goats. Train rides, boat rides, magic tricks. Memories that seem just like yesterday. Life-changing promises, checklists gone mad. Hilarious bodily functions, and[…]

Animation: Special Selections (Cert PG) 26th October 2022(6:00PM)

Making friends, or something more. Selling health for wealth. Awkward moments we’ve all done, childhood memories. Tall girls, short gnomes, men who do not live[…]

Eurocine: European Gems (Cert 15) 25th October 2022 (8:15PM)

Interpretive dance, documentary filmmaking, theatrical intrigue, curious curses and questions of the nature of human existence from the perspective of an android weave together this[…]

Eurocine: French Shorts (Cert 15) 25th October 2022 (6:00PM)

Sci-fi love, a curious curse, the poetry of resistance, a Summer Sunday in the Mediterranean and differing perspectives on the rearing of youth come together[…]

Official Film Selection Screening Calendar 2022

We are happy to announce our Official Film Selection Screening Calendar for the 18th Edition of the Kinofilm Festival.We have curated a 12-day long festival[…]

Opening Event featuring Manchester Shorts 21st October

Join us at the Digital Performance Lab (University of Salford) down at Salford Quays on Friday 21st October to celebrate the opening of Kinofilm’s 18th[…]

Eurocine: Italian Shorts (Cert 15) 20th October 2022 (6:00PM)

A talent show audition, safety in womanhood, one upmanship among friends, surprises in service industry work, unlikely connections and a young girl’s first day at[…]

Eurocine: Spanish Shorts (Cert 15) 19th October 2022 (6:00PM)

A young and successful magician’s best trick fails, an agreement among roommates, a fortunate and unfortunate lottery win, bullies, and perils of dating and play[…]

KINOFILM FESTIVAL 18th Edition October 2022

Kino are pleased to announce the 18th edition of the Festival will take place October 18th – 30th 2022. We are now presenting the festival[…]