Eurocine: Eastern European Shorts (Cert 15) 25th October (4pm)

An eclectic programme of short films from across Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic,
Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. A programme with something for everyone, featuring themes of mortality,
exploitation, family relationships, conflict, filial love and death in this mixed programme of fiction and animation.


Dir: Anastasiia Delibalt, Prod: Olexandr Gudenko, Writ: Amaliia Filipska, Animator: Mykyta Asauliak.
Ukraine, 2022 (6 mins) – Animation

A Philosophical animation etude. The film shows the life of the Russian soldier, from his childhood to his arrival to war
in Ukraine. Produced by the creative association, Volunteer Animation of Ukraine, to create awareness of the current
situation in war-torn Ukraine.


Dir/Wri: Wiktor Ejsmont, Prod: Wroclaw Movie College, Poland, 2020 (18 min 39 sec)
A group of friends gets into trouble at a techno party. Mysterious Adam helps them get away. The savior takes his
companions with him, where he makes an unusual proposition.


Dir/Wri: Sadchikova Irina, Russian Federation, 2020, (13 min 39 sec)
The Mom convinces her daughter to fulfil the will of her dreaming, dead grandmother: to celebrate New Year in family
house in October. The daughter realises on the way her dependence on her mother and tries to free herself. Mother
reacts painfully, trying to restrain. Mother and daughter learn about each other hidden facts that change their
relationship to each other.


Dir: Daria Kashcheeva, Prod: Zuzana Roháčová, Martin Vandas, Czech Rep, 2019, (14 min 50 sec) – Animation
Should you hide your pain? Close yourself inside your inner world, full of longing for your father’s love and its
displays? Or should you understand and forgive before it is too late?

Dir/Wri: Krzysztof Chodorowski, Prod: Maciej Ślesicki/Warsaw Film School, 2020 Poland, (12 min 37 sec)
Vera, a Ukrainian woman working illegally in a Polish factory tries to help Masha – a friend who suffered in an accident
at work.

Dir/Wri/Prod: Valentina Starkova, Kazakhstan, 2020, (14 min 46 sec)
This story is about uneasy family relationship. Nothing can be changed when people lose their conscience. It turns out
that the person who truly cares about you is the one you have never even met.

Dir: Sasha Paracels, Wri: Metthew Gilpin, Prod: Luca Paracels, Russian Federation, 2020 (7 mins)
Chained to a pipe in a dark room, a young woman must fight her way out and discover the dark secret to her

Dir/Wri: Marat Valerievich Narimanov, Prod: Valeriy Ryabin, Alexander Gerasimov, Russian Federation, 2020,
(6 mins 35 secs) – Animation
The story of a friendship between a lonely old man and an helpless nestling bird, confronted by a group of ignorant
boys from the same neighbourhood. Styalized as a film of the 60-th.

TRT: 92:56 mins

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