Posts in Festival Programme 2021

Kino Tales: Romantic Shorts (Cert 15) 15th May (1:00pm)

Anglo-French relations in the age of Brexit, love colliding with cultural tradition, and a postman with a message of love, a one night stand, and[…]

Animation Programme Three: True Stories and Fantastic Fables (Cert 12) 13th May (8:30pm)

An imaginary friend and a synthetic child, a father’s love for his son and a cats’ eye view of life, a fight to preserve wildlife[…]

O!PLA Polish Animation Programme (Cert 15) 13th May (1:00pm)

THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 is a unique program presen ng the[…]

French Shorts Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (1:00pm)

We’ve feckless fathers and embarrassing mothers, inquistive children, and troublesome teenagers, the burden of guilt and the brutality of grief, plus the sorrowful perspective of[…]

Experimental Shorts Programme (Cert 12) 14th May (1:00pm)

There’s temporal displacement and social anxiety, the pressures of commerce and the pressures of creativity, a search for belonging, and a journey through family history,[…]

Animation Programme Two: Special Selection (Cert 15) 13th May (6:00pm)

Poetic musings, an animal’s parental instinct; a film that encourages playing with matches, and one that stumbles upon some interesting distractions from life on Earth.[…]

LGBTQ+ (Cert 15) 12th May (8.30pm)

An out of this world opportunity and a father with an awkward deadline, a boy seeking self-expression and a hardboiled cop under pressure, religious vows[…]

Eurocine West Programme (Cert 15) May 11th (8:30pm)

A father and daughter reunited and a mother and daughter estranged, an uncomfortable encounter on a train and a dangerous journey in a car, a[…]

Eastern European & Russian Federation Programme (Cert 15) 12th May (6:00pm)

Marital discord and romantic desperation, a lonely old man faced with isolation, a business under threat from Government bureaucracy, and a remarkable tale of wartime[…]

Italian Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (6:00pm)

We’ve neglectful families and obsessive eco-warriors, gangsters with guilty secrets and boxers both successful and unsuccessful, sexual confusion and crises of identity, plus the problems[…]

Spanish Shorts Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (3:30pm)

There’s romantic disillusionment and love gone sour, uncertain friendship and filial duty, an examination of the art of queuing, a parable about Fascism, and some[…]

International Panorama Programme Two (Cert 15) 16th May (3:30pm)

The pressures of performance and an actress in meltdown, a young man in search of love and another in search of freedom, racism in America,[…]

Polish Programme Two (Cert 18) May 12th (3.30pm)

We’ve mystery women and autistic romance, thwarted fetishism and online obsession, borders crossed and boundaries transgressed, in our section selection of the best new work[…]

Women In Film Programme Two (Cert 15) 14th May (3:30pm)

Overwhelming responsibility and missed opportunity, the trials and traumas of childhood and an unexpected source of healing, barbaric cultural traditions and the American Dream turned[…]

Polish Programme One (Cert 15) 12th May (1:00pm)

Love and death, love in a fairground, love in a gas station, love on the back of a motorbike, and maternal matchmaking gone wrong, in[…]

Kino Tales: Crime Shorts (Cert 18) 15th May (6:00pm)

We’ve moral dilemmas and martial arts mayhem, serial killers and modern day cowboys, a burglary gone bad and a hook-up gone worse, plus the most[…]

Iranian Cinema Programme Two (Cert 15) 14th May (8.30pm)

There’s crime committed and crime to solve, a relationship on the rocks and a vanishing lover, a child filled with anticipation and a child haunted[…]

Iranian Cinema Programme One (Cert 15) 14th May (6:00pm)

There’s crushing bereavement and unwanted pregnancy, marital gaslighting and the pressures of childhood, a desperate man drawn into a dangerous occupation, and a method actress[…]

First Film (Newcomers) (Cert 15) 10th May (3:30pm)

An encounter with the spirits and a party with the Bard of Avon, a tale of the Gold Rush and an escape from imprisonment, a[…]

International Panorama Programme One (Cert 15) 16th May (1:00pm)

First love and last goodbyes, a shaming on social media and a brutal race for survival, an uncomfortable return back to the old house, a[…]

Documentary Programme (Cert 15) 16th May (10:30am)

Dating in the digital age and terrible town planning, the deceptiveness of some memories and the horrible clarity of others, the isolation of age and[…]

Micro Wonders Programme (Cert 15) 10th May ( 8:30pm)

We’ve animation and experimentation, music videos and mobile phone movies, documentary portraits and meditative memoirs, snappy sketches and satiric stingers, surrealism, silliness, and short sharp[…]

Kino Tales: Horror Shorts (Cert 18) 15th May (8:30pm)

Death on the road and paranoia on the mountain trail, fearsome freight and a Faustian pact, period pains and bad body image, the pressure of[…]

KINO EXPOSED: Student Shorts Programme 2 (Cert 15) 10th May (6:00pm)

Cultural displacement and a family in crisis, the legacy of abuse and the testament of a survivor, the right to a dignified end, and the[…]

Kino Tales: Fantasy & Sci-fi (Cert 15) 15th May (3:30pm)

We’ve robot companions, synthetic chefs and intergalactic postwoman, sinister birth cults, secret agents with edited memories, and ideas that can kill you in this selection[…]

Kino Tales: Comedy Shorts (Cert 15) 15th May (10:30am)

We’ve sex and commerce, lavatory humour and hotel room farce, a competitive game player and a hypocritical censor, an author meeting his audience and a[…]

Get Ready – Kinofilm Festival Opening Gala (Cert 15) 10th May (1:00pm)

Kinofilm Festival presents a wide selection of top short films from this year’s Festival as a preview of the 16th Edition giving audiences a flavour[…]

Kinofilm Presents: Spanish Shorts March 4th (Pre Festival Event)

In Association with the Instituto Cervantes Kino will present a special Preview of Spanish Shorts from Kinofilm 2020 Festival. As a precursor to #Home‘s #VIVA[…]