International Panorama Programme Two (Cert 15) 16th May (3:30pm)

The pressures of performance and an actress in meltdown, a young man in search of love and another in search of freedom, racism in America, past and present, and a shattered community communing with its dead, in this second international selection.


Join us at the virtual theater on BingeWave at 3.30pm, Sunday 16th May.

Dir / Wri: Shu Zhu, Wri: G. Wilson, Prod: Shincy Lu, Sounder Pictures
USA, 2018, 16 min 54 sec, Cert 15
An Asian-American actress struggles to revive her career in the sexually commodified entertainment industry.

Dir / Wri: Julien Chavaillaz, Wri / Prod: Adrien Gaillard, Prod: Vincent Borcard, Pierre Stadler
Switzerland, 2018, 14 min 54 sec, Cert 15
Baptiste, a lonely outsider, is in love with Mina, the girl from the sex hotline. One day, Baptiste gathers his courage and succeeds in convincing the young woman to accept a rendez-vous at a café in town…

TULSA (UK Premiere)
Dir / Wri / Prod: Seyyed Parviz Shojaei, Prod: Majid Mohammaddoust
Iran, 2018, 7 min 14 sec, Cert PG
Tulsa, 1921. One of the most tragic and horrifying events in America’s history of racial discrimination, seen from the point of view of a young child.

SHADOW CUT  (UK Premiere)
Dir / Wri: Lucy Suess, Prod: Johnny Lyon
(New Zealand, 2018, 13 min 47 sec, Cert 15 (F Rating)
A restless young man approaches adulthood in rural New Zealand. He spends an afternoon with his best friend, struggling to confide his plans for the future.

Dir / Wri: Kristen Gerweck, Prod: Linda C. Riedmann
USA/ Austria, 2019, 15 min 52 sec, Cert 12A (F Rating)
A phone box on a longely stretch of coastline becomes a focal point for the hopes, fears and longings of a grieving community.

ARIA     (Greater Manchester Premiere)
Dir / Wri / Prod: Brando De Sica, Wri: Ugo Chiti, Prod: ENPI Entertainment
Italy,  14 min, (Cert 12A)
A group of young dancers are forced to dance inside a room full of carbon dioxide.

TRT: 97 min 41 sec.

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