Posts in Kino Tales

Horror Shorts 29/11/18

There’s malevolent social media and toxic technology, the horrors of alienation and the terrors of too much interaction, a visit to an oracle and a[…]

Fantasy and Sci-Fi 27/11/18 & 29/11/18

We’ve mermaids and angels, sea monsters and alien abductions, a macabre model village and a bus ride to the future, a nightmarish job interview and[…]

Romantic Tales 28/11/18

There’s young love in Tuscany and a chaotic classroom cupid, a lazy morning after, and a bittersweet comedown, classical literature come to life, and a[…]

Kino Noir 28/11/18

There’s wise guys in crisis and young men out of their depth, robberies gone wrong and suicides gone South, a journey into the night and[…]

KINO MEANS CINEMA – Cine Tales 27/11/18

We’ve loving pastiches and rib-nudging parodies, soft-focus evocations and sharp recreations, picture-palace nostalgia and multiplex misery, wistful romance, deadpan comedy, and the healing power of[…]