Italian Shorts: 17MAY24

KINOFILM Festival Presents ITALIAN SHORTS – FRID 17th MAY 2024, 6.30pm (doors open 6.00pm)

 Instituto Cervantes, 326-330 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4FN

Welcome to KINO and Instituto Cervantes for this fine selection of ITALIAN Shorts brought to you by KINOFILM Festival, in collaboration with the Societa’ Dante Alighieri and the Instituto Cervantes.

Dir:Fausto Cavaleri, Prod: Tony Pellegrino, Wri: Livia Alcalde, Italy / Sicily, 2022, 3.04 min

Experimental documentary. The ancient Sicilian legend of Pillirina lives again in the heartfelt story of a fisherman. So the legend tells the truth: the sad soul of Pillirina still wander between the cliffs and the beach where she first met her love waiting for it to return in vain.


Dir/Wri: Emanuele Daga, Pro: Giovanni Stella, Italy, 2023, 8 min

Under the pretext of bringing back her wallet, a somewhat awkward boy woos the girl of his dreams on the ground floor of his building. Meanwhile, the middle-aged couple on the fourth floor frolics frolicking with erotic role-playing to liven up their marriage.


Dir/Pro/Wri: Silvia De Gennaro, Italy, 2023, 6 min

A director God stages the history of humanity. Adam and Eve, having lost Paradise, will find
technology, but the human species, no longer in harmony with nature, will thus start its destruction.


Dir/Wri: Claudia Di Lascia, Pro: Kinedimorae, Italy, 2020, 6min

In a metaphorical elevator, a woman travels through her past life and faces all the men who verbally or physically abused of her.


Dir/Wri: Alberto Palmiero, Pro: Marta Donzelli, Italy, 2023, 14min

25 year-old nurse Peppe has to help his girlfriend Anna to move to the town where she is going to
work as a teacher. On a warm September afternoon, the couple will try to figure out about their love.


Dir: Michele Cardano / Francesco Bolognesi, Wri: Andrea Brusa, Pro: Andrea Italia, Italy, 2023, 4:43 min.

Teo and his grandma Alda start to accept online orders to get her flower shop
back on track. When they’re managing the correspondence between two lovers, Teo becomes
deeply involved in the fate of their romance.


A GUERRA FINITA (And End To War. Enough!)
Dir/Wri: Simone Massi, Italy, 2022, 5 min

Animation. A world without war is another utopia that we cannot wait any longer.


STANZA 5 (Room 5)

Dir/Wri: Rosario Capozzolo, Co-Wri: Ornella Sgroi, Pro: Nicola Picone, Italy, 2022, 5 min

Inspired by a true story. Inside a hospital ward, Ilde, an elderly woman who survived Covid, is letting herself die because she has no one left outside. The arrival of a young roommate, Simona, questions what is now taken for granted by doctors.


Dir/Wri/Pro: Gianluca Zonta, Co-Wri: Alessandro Salentino, Pro: Camillo Esposito,
Andrea Guidot, Serena Marconi, Italy, 2024, 14 min

A story that wants to address the risks and possibly drifts of the use of artificial intelligence,
through a short film about love.

Followed by drinks reception and networking.

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