Posts in May 13th 2021

Animation Programme Three: True Stories and Fantastic Fables (Cert 12) 13th May (8:30pm)

An imaginary friend and a synthetic child, a father’s love for his son and a cats’ eye view of life, a fight to preserve wildlife[…]

O!PLA Polish Animation Programme (Cert 15) 13th May (1:00pm)

THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 is a unique program presen ng the[…]

Animation Programme Two: Special Selection (Cert 15) 13th May (6:00pm)

Poetic musings, an animal’s parental instinct; a film that encourages playing with matches, and one that stumbles upon some interesting distractions from life on Earth.[…]

Animation Programme One: Dark & Light (Cert 12) 13th May (3:30pm)

A misunderstood wolf; a grandmother’s legacy; a serious case of grass-is-greener syndrome. Cute fish, bad bears. A guy in need of a change in perspective;[…]