Posts from 6 March 2020

French Shorts Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (1:00pm)

We’ve feckless fathers and embarrassing mothers, inquistive children, and troublesome teenagers, the burden of guilt and the brutality of grief, plus the sorrowful perspective of[…]

Experimental Shorts Programme (Cert 12) 14th May (1:00pm)

There’s temporal displacement and social anxiety, the pressures of commerce and the pressures of creativity, a search for belonging, and a journey through family history,[…]

Animation Programme Two: Special Selection (Cert 15) 13th May (6:00pm)

Poetic musings, an animal’s parental instinct; a film that encourages playing with matches, and one that stumbles upon some interesting distractions from life on Earth.[…]

LGBTQ+ (Cert 15) 12th May (8.30pm)

An out of this world opportunity and a father with an awkward deadline, a boy seeking self-expression and a hardboiled cop under pressure, religious vows[…]

Eurocine West Programme (Cert 15) May 11th (8:30pm)

A father and daughter reunited and a mother and daughter estranged, an uncomfortable encounter on a train and a dangerous journey in a car, a[…]

Eastern European & Russian Federation Programme (Cert 15) 12th May (6:00pm)

Marital discord and romantic desperation, a lonely old man faced with isolation, a business under threat from Government bureaucracy, and a remarkable tale of wartime[…]

Italian Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (6:00pm)

We’ve neglectful families and obsessive eco-warriors, gangsters with guilty secrets and boxers both successful and unsuccessful, sexual confusion and crises of identity, plus the problems[…]

Spanish Shorts Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (3:30pm)

There’s romantic disillusionment and love gone sour, uncertain friendship and filial duty, an examination of the art of queuing, a parable about Fascism, and some[…]

Animation Programme One: Dark & Light (Cert 12) 13th May (3:30pm)

A misunderstood wolf; a grandmother’s legacy; a serious case of grass-is-greener syndrome. Cute fish, bad bears. A guy in need of a change in perspective;[…]

International Panorama Programme Two (Cert 15) 16th May (3:30pm)

The pressures of performance and an actress in meltdown, a young man in search of love and another in search of freedom, racism in America,[…]