Posts in Eurocine 2021

O!PLA Polish Animation Programme (Cert 15) 13th May (1:00pm)

THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 is a unique program presen ng the[…]

French Shorts Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (1:00pm)

We’ve feckless fathers and embarrassing mothers, inquistive children, and troublesome teenagers, the burden of guilt and the brutality of grief, plus the sorrowful perspective of[…]

Eurocine West Programme (Cert 15) May 11th (8:30pm)

A father and daughter reunited and a mother and daughter estranged, an uncomfortable encounter on a train and a dangerous journey in a car, a[…]

Eastern European & Russian Federation Programme (Cert 15) 12th May (6:00pm)

Marital discord and romantic desperation, a lonely old man faced with isolation, a business under threat from Government bureaucracy, and a remarkable tale of wartime[…]

Italian Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (6:00pm)

We’ve neglectful families and obsessive eco-warriors, gangsters with guilty secrets and boxers both successful and unsuccessful, sexual confusion and crises of identity, plus the problems[…]

Spanish Shorts Programme (Cert 15) 11th May (3:30pm)

There’s romantic disillusionment and love gone sour, uncertain friendship and filial duty, an examination of the art of queuing, a parable about Fascism, and some[…]

Polish Programme Two (Cert 18) May 12th (3.30pm)

We’ve mystery women and autistic romance, thwarted fetishism and online obsession, borders crossed and boundaries transgressed, in our section selection of the best new work[…]

Polish Programme One (Cert 15) 12th May (1:00pm)

Love and death, love in a fairground, love in a gas station, love on the back of a motorbike, and maternal matchmaking gone wrong, in[…]