Posts in outside in 2021

Experimental Shorts Programme (Cert 12) 14th May (1:00pm)

There’s temporal displacement and social anxiety, the pressures of commerce and the pressures of creativity, a search for belonging, and a journey through family history,[…]

LGBTQ+ (Cert 15) 12th May (8.30pm)

An out of this world opportunity and a father with an awkward deadline, a boy seeking self-expression and a hardboiled cop under pressure, religious vows[…]

First Film (Newcomers) (Cert 15) 10th May (3:30pm)

An encounter with the spirits and a party with the Bard of Avon, a tale of the Gold Rush and an escape from imprisonment, a[…]

Documentary Programme (Cert 15) 16th May (10:30am)

Dating in the digital age and terrible town planning, the deceptiveness of some memories and the horrible clarity of others, the isolation of age and[…]

Micro Wonders Programme (Cert 15) 10th May ( 8:30pm)

We’ve animation and experimentation, music videos and mobile phone movies, documentary portraits and meditative memoirs, snappy sketches and satiric stingers, surrealism, silliness, and short sharp[…]