Kino Shorts 76 – Spring Season continues – Thur 25th April 2024

Thursday 25th April 2024, KINOFILM Festival presents KINO SHORTS 76

Doors open at 7.00 pm, programme apx 7.15pm (please be early to guarantee your seat)

Kinofilm is pleased to announce the second event in our Spring season of KINO SHORTS Northwest Short Film showcase and networking event, taking place THUR 25th April at our favourite venue, Mini Cine located at Ducie Street Warehouse.

Kino Shorts is a programme of new short films from local and North West filmmakers. The event will take place in two sections each followed by Q&A’s with the directors of the films featured in each section. There will be allocated times for networking and drinks at the bar during the intermission and after the show and will be the perfect opportunity to meet with the filmmakers directly to discuss the films and explore opportunities for future collaborations. A limited number of tickets are now available. Purchase soon to guarantee your place.

This month’s Q & A sessions  will be hosted by Jeremiah Quinn Director / Producer/Writer and Film Production lecturer at Salford University whose award winning film OLUWALE was screened at Kinofilm Festival in 2022 and since went on to win multiple awards world wide.

Please note our next event will be our mini festival from 10th & 13th – 19th May. Events will take place at Ducie

Street and Cervantes Institute proceeded by the opening event on 10th at Salford Uni Media City.

KINO SHORTS 76 – Thur 25th APRIL 2024.




Part 1


Dir/Wri/Pro: John Thacker, Co-Prod: Eleanor Cucksey, UK, 2023/4, 9 min 32 sec

In the midst of the pandemic, Megan has moved home to live with her mum. As world news

dominates their conversations, conflicting views begin to impact their relationship.



Dir/Wri/Pro: Sophie Chapman, UK, 2023, 17 min 31 sec

Aamon, an introverted loner with an unsettling fixation on his love interests, becomes romantically

entangled with Lilith, a down to earth, bubbly woman. The film unravels as Aamon’s hidden motives

come to light, and the blurred lines between love and possession.



Dir/Wri/Pro: Fallon Westlake, Co-Prod: Paul Preston, UK, 2023, 4 min 36 sec

An alternative look at the perceived obligations that accompany marital vows, exploring the

stereotypes of male and female positions in a relationship, the willingness / unwillingness to give

physically, and what it would look like if roles were reversed.



Dir: Kai Langford-Do, Pro: Aiddid Shahidur, UK, 2023, 8 mins, 10 seconds

A distressed lone woman struggles with a tremor in her hand. Suddenly, she is interrupted by

masked intruders who surround and intimate her; culminating in a primal dance.

Followed by directors Q & A’s (20/25 mins) –


Part 2


Dir: Max Asater, Wri: Alfie redman, Prod: Alex borthwick, UK, 2023, 6 min 9 secs.

A late-night TV presenter receives a damaging letter with information that could jeopardise his career.

Forced to put on a show by his producer, Larry attempts to ‘run like clockwork’ until the news of his

disturbing actions begins to spread like wildfire.



Dir/Wri: Pippi Bentley, Prod: Behzad Dehghan, UK, 2023, 5 min 36 sec

Tom and Clara experience the difficulties of trying to conceive a baby. After many failed attempts, they

finally fall pregnant, only to have it ripped away from them.


NEW CENTURY: Timeless Tunes & Culinary Crossroads

Dir/Wri/Pro: Lucas Teal, UK, 2023, 8 min 47sec

Step into the vibrant world of New Century Hall in Manchester with this captivating short documentary.



Dir/Wri/Pro: Elizabeth Chinnery UK, 2023, 14 min 27

A young girl struggles to move on after the death of her brother, it hurts to remember him but

she doesn’t want to forget. She creates a Memory Box with the help of her younger sister and

together they start to make new memories




Dir/Wri: Phoebe Marie Jones. UK, 2024, 5 min 53 sec

Penny goes for a much needed walk in nature, to get away from the city and enjoy some

delicious, fresh air. We soon learn, Delilah has other plans for Penny…

Followed by directors Q & A session (20/25 mins) – END 10pm – Networking at the bar

The Venue has a bar lounge with a wide range of drinks and food available if you wish to dine before the event.

Latest news, the lovely management at Ducie are offering a 15% discount on food and drink on the night of our event. Just show your ticket to get the discount, either before the show, during or after, on dining as well as on drinks. Now your chance to try some of the great food offerings pre show. Why go home after work and rush to get back when you can eat at Ducie pre-show.

Address: Ducie Street Warehouse, 51 Ducie Street, Manchester. M1 2TP

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