Participating Filmmaker Accreditation – 2024 19th Edition


KinoFilms 19th edition welcomes its filmmakers to join us for the festival! After a two year hiatus we are happy to present a special flash European Shorts Festival in May, with approximately 80 short films in 10 programmes. We’ve a wide array of content, showcasing the best short films from around the UK and Europe, plus our special Spanish and Italian short film programme, plus off course, our very own home-grown Manchester and North West of England filmmakers. We hope to see you there!
If you have a film in the festival then you can apply for your film festival accreditation pass now. Please note, that due to limited number of seats this pass does not guarantee you instant access to all screenings, seats will be subject to availability on the night. However, if you are a filmmaker with a film in the festival it will guarantee you access to the actual programme featuring your film. The pass holder will receive an additional free ticket for the their film screening available at the screening, all other crew members must purchase tickets. Please note, we have a 2 for 1 offer for certain screenings or you can use a 33% discounts code available for bulk purchases in advance if you buy your tickets on Bank Holiday Monday using the code “BANKHOLIDAYCODE”.

CLICK APPLYTO CLAIM YOUR FREE FILMMAKER FESTIVAL PASSES FROM MAY 1ST. If you are now sure if you qualify then drop us a line at

APPLY TO CLAIM YOUR FREE FILMMAKER FESTIVAL PASSES FROM 1st May. If you are now sure if you qualify then drop us a line at

For the officially selected filmmakers laurel please contact us on the same email address above.

To see details of all the programmes browse the web which have direct links to programme tickets or please go to our Eventbrite page where you can buy all tickets and passes for all screenings (please note tickets are on sale from the 1st MAY).


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