Posts in May 16th 2021

The Mix (Cert 15) 16th May (5:15pm)

The Mix takes you on a journey of survival and resilience, and raises awareness on polution. Enter the cirme world as we witness a jewellery[…]

International Panorama Programme Two (Cert 15) 16th May (3:30pm)

The pressures of performance and an actress in meltdown, a young man in search of love and another in search of freedom, racism in America,[…]

International Panorama Programme One (Cert 15) 16th May (1:00pm)

First love and last goodbyes, a shaming on social media and a brutal race for survival, an uncomfortable return back to the old house, a[…]

Documentary Programme (Cert 15) 16th May (10:30am)

Dating in the digital age and terrible town planning, the deceptiveness of some memories and the horrible clarity of others, the isolation of age and[…]