O!PLA Polish Animation Programme (Cert 15) 13th May (1:00pm)


THE BEST OF O!PLA – FOCUS ON POLAND 2020 is a unique program presen ng the winners of the 8th O!PLA Ani- ma on Fes val (2020). As always the only Jury at O!PLA was the audience; partly in tradi onal vo ng and partly in online vo ng (during the COVID-19 quaran ne). THE BEST OF O!PLA 2020 is an amazing mix of techniques, styles, and emo ons showing what in modern Polish anima on (O!PLA means „Oh! Polish Anima on”, but also: “Oh! People Love Anima on”) is the best. Star ng o 2013 O!PLA consequently grows in strength, but one thing remains the same – independence and passion, which standing behind the O!PLA.

Please join us at the virtual theatre on BingeWave at 1.00pm, Thursday 13th May.



Films with Polish dialogues have permanent English subtitles.

ODDS AND EVENS (2019, 03:36), Dir./Script/Prod.: Michal Czyz Music: P/GGMENTS, Technique: 2D Computer
Somewhere between here and there …
Special Men on in the Animated Music Videos Category.
ALBERT & JOSEPHINE (2019, 07:14), Dir./Prod.: Tomasz Welna, Script: Aleksander „Clov” Baczkowski, Music: Kaiser, Clov and Harris Trio, Technique: Traditional Drawing Animation. Albert is a teddy bear. Josephine is a white owl. They live together in a small house deep in the woods. One day Albert decides to set o on a journey into the unknown … Josephine decides to find him. Bronze Award in the Independent Category.
Dir./Script: Lukasz Partyka, Music: Fisz Emade, Prod.: ART2 Music Technique: 3D Computer
When someone leaves, only memories remain… Bronze Award in the Animated Music Videos Category.
THE PORTAL | org. PORTAL (2018, 01:21) Dir./Script: Jerzy Gorski, Prod.: Faculty of Arts of MSCU, Technique: 3D Computer
Animated epigram about excessive curiosity… Bronze Award in the Anima- ted Epigrams Category.
THE NIGHT OF TIME (2018, 09:00), Dir.: Magdalena Lazarczyk
Technique: 2D Cut-outs
The Night Of Time is a large – format animation – a collage. All its components make up the unity. Individual forms are not separate, alienated beings, but they rather seem to be made of the same substance. Bronze Award in the Experimental Category.
FAUST (2019, 06:45), Dir./Script: Marianna Atlas
Prod.: The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Technique: Puppet Animation
This is the author’s interpretation of the legend of Faust, based on the drama of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from 1833, in which an alchemist struggling to find the meaning of life makes a deal with the devil. Special Mention in the Student Category.
org. ŚLEDZIOLOGIA, CZYLI CO SZEPTUCHA SZEPCZE DO UCHA? (2019, 07:40), Dir./Script/Prod.: Agnieszka Waszczeniuk, Technique: 2D Computer
A funny animated documentary about whisperers from East Poland… Silver Award in the Independent Category.
Dir.: Alek Wasilewski, Script: Alek Wasilewski, Claudio Sanchez, Music: Coheed and Cambria, Prod.: Smile Studio/Coheed and Cambria, Technique: 2D Computer
Someone was very rude here… Silver Award in the Animated Music Vide- os Category.
THE FRUIT | org. OWOC (2018, 01:30), Dir./Script: Jakub Baniak, Prod.: University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Technique: Drawing Anma on + 2D Computer. An animated epigram about how an idea is born … Silver Award in the Animated Epigrams Category.
SEVENTH PRESSINGS | org. SIÓDME TŁOCZENIA (2019, 05:16) Dir./Prod.: Wiesława Ruta | Music: Hubert Kostkiewicz and Lukasz Rychlicki, Technique: Stop Motion
Pieces of paper, strings, guitar pick and experimental guitar music… Silver Award in the Experimental Category.
THE NIGHT | org. NOC (2019, 01:56), Dir./Script: Alisa Temchenko, Prod.: Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Technique: 2D Computer
The starting point for creating the animation was the beautiful Ukrainian song „Quiet is on the river”, which the author of the film with her husband sings for goodnight to their daughter every day. Special Men on in the Student Category.
THE RAIN | org. DESZCZ (2019, 05:00), Dir./Script: Piotr Milczarek, Prod.: FUMI Studio, Technique: 2D Computer
The Rain’ is a simple animated lm on the collective consciousness. It talks about how no accountability for our ac ons pushes us to thoughtlessly follow the crowd, which may lead to a tragedy. The lm also depicts a struggle of an individual with collective hypnosis and its consequences for both the individual and the crowd. Golden Award in the Professional Category.
THE LAST CINEMA | org. OSTATNIE KINO (2019, 11:48),
Dir./Script/Prod.: Kajetan Pochylski
Technique: Drawing-on- lm + 2D Computer.
The personal story about the last educational cinema in Poland, run by the director’s grandfather. This information was intentionally not checked. Director decided to follow his grandma’s word, who is the narrator of the movie. The film was created with the author’s method combining digital and analogue techniques. The image is the effect of layers. It was made using a digital and analog camera as well as typical drawing, painting and graphic tools. During the filming, around 8,200 hand-made frames were created. Golden Award in the Independent Category.
THE BACKYARD | org. PODWÓRKO (2019, 01:05)
Dir./Script: Aneta Siurnicka | Prod.: University of Fine Arts in Poznan, Technique: Charcoal Anima on + 2D Computer
The endless cycle of violence … Golden Award in the Animated Epigrams Category.
TROUBLES | org. KŁOPOTY (2019, 03:34)
Dir./Script/Prod.: Maciej Bednarek, Music: Elektronikt
Technique: Clay Animation.
Always and everywhere are some troubles… Golden Award in the Animated Music Videos Category. 

O!PLA Polish Animation 2020 screening on Bimgewave 


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