Eastern European & Russian Federation Programme (Cert 15) 12th May (6:00pm)

Marital discord and romantic desperation, a lonely old man faced with isolation, a business under threat from Government bureaucracy, and a remarkable tale of wartime survival in this selection of films from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Join us at the virtual theater on BingeWave at 6.00pm, Wednesday 12th May.


THE RING (European Premiere)
Dir: Kirill Sultanov
Russia, 2019, 19 min 44 sec, Cert: 12A
A student decides to propose to his girlfriend, and visits his divorced parents to uncover the painful history of their marriage…

Dir / Wri: Rolando Garduño, Prod: Anika Homolová
Czech Republic, 20 min Cert 15
Bouncing between driving lessons and Boogie-woogie, Staňa is trying to catch the attention of Brecht, a young photographer who is searching for the perfect image.

DASHA (European Premiere)
Dir / Wri / Prod: Andrew V Merkulov
Russia, 2018, 17 min 12 sec, Cert: 12A
For five years, Dasha, a social service volunteer, has been caring for a lonely old man. Forced to move to another city, she goes to visit him on her day of departure…

Dir / Wri: Adrian Silisteanu, Wri: Claudia Silisteanu, Prod: Anamaria Antoci
Romania, 2019, 16min 59 sec, Cert: 15
Sporadic gunshots echo among the ruins of a village which, though abandoned, is a location of great import for the Romanian government.

Dir / Wri: Tatiana Fedorovskaya, Wri / Prod: Max Dankevich, Prod: Olga Akatieva, Taras Stadnikov, Rustem Samigullin
Ukraine, 2019, 19 min 44 sec, Cert: 15 (F Cert)
Jewish shtetl, Ukraine, 1941. A box of mother’s hairpins – the only thing left from his family – is Yasha’s last chance to escape German invaders and rescue his new friend, a wounded goat kid.

93 min 39 sec

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