KINO MEANS CINEMA – Cine Tales 27/11/18

We’ve loving pastiches and rib-nudging parodies, soft-focus evocations and sharp recreations, picture-palace nostalgia and multiplex misery, wistful romance, deadpan comedy, and the healing power of film, in this celebration of the cinematic art.

Advisory Cert 15

Tuesday 27th Nov 8.30pm

Niamos Sc 1, Chichester Road, Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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Dir / Wri: Nata Moreno

Spain, 2017, 6 min

Inside an old cabin, a group of musicians try to create art under the pressure of a mean director.



Dir / Prod / Wri / Cast: Levan Tsintsadze, Cast: Nana Kalatozi

Germany, 2017, 14 min 38 sec

The decidedy Nouvelle Vague thoughts of a man living in social isolation.



Dir / Wri / Cast: Johannes Bachmann, Prod: Zurich University of Arts  

Switzerland, 2017, 10 min 12 sec

Joggeli tries screening old film spools which leads to a nostalgic journey in the traces of his great-grandfather that bears astonishing resemblance to a film history and well-known black-and-white- comedian.



Dir: Eliza Godlewska, Alan Ruczynski Wri: Alan Ruczynski, Anna Cichosz, Cast: Agnieszka Koscielniak, Hubert Paszkiewicz

Poland, 2018, 12 min 34 sec, Cert 15

The problem with cinematic rendezvous is that they don’t stand the clash with the real world.



Dir / Wri: Agnieszka Wanicka

Poland, 2018, 8 min 14 sec

Tomek is a film buff who works as a cinema usher. One day, while he is seating people for an evening screening, he notices a mysterious girl.



Dir / Co-Prod / Co-Wri: Sherill Turner, Co-Prod / Co-Wri / Cast: Louise Ann Munro, Cast: Cary Crankson

UK, 2018, 9 min 12 sec, Cert 15

Two cinema ushers share a mutual crush, but they are both too shy to do anything about it until they start hearing each other’s thoughts – the good and the bad.



Dir / Prod / Wri / Cast: Gordon McAlpin, Prod / Wri / Cast: Dana Luery Shaw, Prod: Amy Guth, Robert Hornak, Cast: Tom Brazelton, Aiyanna Wade

USA, 2018, 10 min 49 sec

Kurt is an usher, pining for that special someone to share his love of horror movies. Jason is a film snob who just needs a freakin’ job, okay? Despite their differences, the pair will make fast friends — unless they kill each other first.



Dir: Cindy Di Xin, Prod: Eric Schwarz, Wri: Martin Aguilera, Cast: Felixe de Becker, Chris Senn  

USA, 2018, 10 min 25 sec

In 90’s Brooklyn, Cora, a lonely girl in search of connection, discovers a movie rental store that delivers films based on how she feels. The movies lift her up and make her feel less alone but soon she wants more than the films, she wants to know the person behind the locked door of this strange store.



Dir: Jonas Rierner / Prod: Johannea Schubert

Germany, 2018, 14 min, Cert PG

Francis, the dreamy film projectionist, accidentally crashes into the limousine of gangster boss Mascarpone. Suddenly he finds himself in a mobster film. When a heist goes wrong he has to rescue his dog and conquer the heart of the film diva Vivien.



TRT: 95 min 34 sec


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