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Visual Anthropology World – Documentaries 27/11/18

A selection of recent short films from the MA students in Visual Anthropology that will take us into the social and cultural lives of people[…]

rem kinofilm

POLISH PROGRAMME 2 – Students 27/11/18

(Please Note the venue has changed from GOODSTOCK to NIAMOS Screen 2) We’ve delusions of grandeur and lives of cloistered contemplation, dreams given form and[…]

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International Student 27/11/18

Please note the screening time of this programme has changed from 4pm to 6pm Alienated teens and abandoned lovers, filial responsibility and parental failings, a[…]

Fantasy and Sci-Fi 27/11/18 & 29/11/18

We’ve mermaids and angels, sea monsters and alien abductions, a macabre model village and a bus ride to the future, a nightmarish job interview and[…]

KINO MEANS CINEMA – Cine Tales 27/11/18

We’ve loving pastiches and rib-nudging parodies, soft-focus evocations and sharp recreations, picture-palace nostalgia and multiplex misery, wistful romance, deadpan comedy, and the healing power of[…]

Polish Programme One 27/11/18

Presented in Association with Europia     (Please Note the venue has changed from GOODSTOCK to NIAMOS Screen 2) There’s toxic masculinity and provincial patriarchy,[…]

O!PLA Polish Animation Programme

The POLISH ANIMATION FESTIVAL “O!PLA”, meaning:” Oh! Polish Animation “, has been running since 2013. Its objectives are to promote the work of Polish animators,[…]