Horror Shorts 29/11/18

There’s malevolent social media and toxic technology, the horrors of alienation and the terrors of too much interaction, a visit to an oracle and a confrontation with one’s darkest self, an uncomfortable anatomy lesson, and every parent’s worst nightmare, in this shudder-inducing selection of scary stories.

Advisory Cert 18

Thursday 29th November at 8.30pm

NIAMOS sc.1 (Nia Cultural Centre), Chichester Road, Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Connor Bland, Prod: UCLA Animation Workshop.

USA, 2018, 6 min 54 sec, Cert 15

Charles falls into a germaphobic hysteria due to the unsanitary habits of his roommate.


European Premiere

Dir / Wri: Gabriel Gallindo, Prod: Movie & Art Productions, Turner Broadcasting System Latin America, Casa Redonda, Wri: Rafaella Quintilio.

Brazil, 2017, 14 min 49 sec, Cert 18

Brazil’s most famous Youtuber is kidnapped and forced to continue posting vídeos in captivity, asking her fans to pay her ransom via a crowdfunding campaign.


Manchester Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Niall Shukla, Cast: Nicci Brighten, Cory Stuckey, Kyle James, Olivia Haart

UK, 2018, 16 min 22 sec, Cert 18

Tormented by years of loneliness and isolation Jane orders a synthetic love doll online – with nightmarish consequences.


North West Premiere

Dir / Wri / Cast: Till Krücken, Co-Dir: Christoph Eder, Prod: Henryk Balkow

Germany, 2017, 11 min 17 sec

Young rapper Dissy falls under the increasingly dangerous influence of the shadowy Fynn. But is Fynn even real?


Greater Manchester Premiere

Dir: Alberto Corredor Marina, Prod: Carter Pilcher, Wri: Lorcan Reilly.

UK, 2017, 14 min 58 sec

Kevin is haunted by grief and has questions that only the recently deceased can answer.

PURE WHITE                      

North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Sven Windszus, Cast: Julia Carmon, Eva Kwade

Germany, 2018, 3 min

A plastic anatomy model converses with her creator in an attempt to find answers.

SHORT BURST                  

UK Premiere

Dir / Prod: Adrian Ross Munro, Prod/ Wri: Ian Malone.

Canada, 2018, 9 min 11 sec

Chad, a lonely programmer at a tech company is selected to beta test the company’s new app, which allows users to send voice memos to themselves in the near past…


Manchester Premiere

Dir: Ian Hunt Duffy, Prod: Simon Doyle, Wri: Darach McGarrigle.

Ireland, 2016, 19 min 45 sec

A traffic jam on a country road. When a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party. Soon everyone is a suspect.

TRT: 94 min 56 sec


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