International: Iranian Shorts (Cert 15) 24th Oct 2022 (8:15PM)

A queer boy navigates life in an unaccepting class, a man follows his life’s path, as other experience tragic accidents and hold out hope amidst expectation of war in this thought provoking program by Iranian filmmakers.



Dir/Wri: Hadi Babaeifar

Islamic Republic of Iran,  2021, 13, Cert 15

 A 9-year-old village boy decides to fight the death angel to save the life of his younger brother.


Dir/Wri:  Amir Pazirofteh

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2021, 20 min 18 sec, Cert 15

A hard working boy, determined to play in the last football match in his village no matter the consequences. 


Dir/Wri/Prod: Milad Mansouri

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2020, 15 min, Cert 12A

A peaceful and simple life is hoped for  but war is expected.


Dir: Yaser Talebi, Wri: Dr Ali Ramzani Paji, Farzaneh Fathi, Prod: Fariba Arab, Yaser Talebi

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2021, 15 min, Cert 12A

An old disabled couple living in a small village in the northern part of Iran, face an unfathomable tragedy when their youngest son falls into a coma after an accident. 



Dir/Wri/Prod: Amir Mehdi Ghoreish

Poland, 2020, 5 min 04 sec, Cert 12A

With a nod to the myth of Sisyphus, a man follows the path of his life across a constantly changing terrain.


Dir/Wri: Mehdi Gholami Suq Prod: Mehdi Gholami Suq, Producer

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2020, 18 min 56 sec, Cert 12A

A conflict ensues as one shepherd takes refuge under a dessert tree claimed by another.


Dir/Wri: Javad Habibpour,  Prod: Javad Habibpour, Ali Ajoorloo

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2020, 21 min 49 sec, Cert 15

Two young migrants face a variety of challenges and anxiety as they attempt to flee.



Dir: Aida Tebianian Wri: Misagh Valadian, Mitra Seyedi,  Prod: Aida tebianian

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2020, 15min, Cert 12A

The father of the family is sensitive to the late arrival of Maryam, the eldest daughter of the family to the house , which causes problems for other family members.


Dir/Wri: Mehrdad Hassani

Islamic Republic of Iran, 2020, 17 min, Cert 15

A queer village boy who wants to wear nailpolish is bitten by his classmates.

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