Kino Tales: Comedy Shorts (Cert 15) 22nd October 2022 (9:15PM)

Surreality and reality mix in this selection of comedy tales dealing with medical mishaps, insecurities related to balding, an over the top competition among friends, fortune/misfortune in a lottery win, a curse and mistaken expectations and envy.



Dir/Wri: Ava Bounds 

United Kingdom, 2020, 2 min 50 sec, Cert 15

A young girl meanders through an anachronistic community where news of plague and odd technologies mingle in surreality.


Dir/Wri: Yuma Slowbinde Prod: Louise de Nexon

United States, 2020, 6 min 15 sec, Cert PG

Become art, worship videotape, and win arguments with hearse drivers in less than seven minutes!

THE MAN WHO SWALLOWED THE RADIO Dir/Wri: Yasser Shafiey Prod: Yasser Shafiey, Marwa Tammam

Egypt, 2020, 15, Cert 12A

A man waits in the hospital hallway waiting to be treated after swallowing a radio.


Dir: Lluís Margarit, Wri: Lluís Margarit, Mateu Sagarra, Laura Mira, Prod: Escac Films

Spain, 2019, 12 min, Cert PG

Pablo, in a failed attempt to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, he realises he’s going bald.


Dir: Natalia Sinelnikova, Wri: Paola Minaccioni, Alberto Caviglia, Prod: Lime Production

Germany, 2019, 10 min 20 sec, Cert 15

The competition between two couples escalates dramatically as each competes  to one up the other financially, during a dinner date.


Dir/Wri: Paola Minaccioni, Wri: Paola Minaccioni, Prod: Daria Wichmann, Julia Franke

Italy, 2019, 12 min 30 sec, Cert 15

Stood up by her date and frustrated by a the lack of service she is receivng from her server, a woman get’s creative to get her bill. 


Dir: Cristian Casado & Dennis Gleiss, Wri: Sergi Páez

Spain, 2020, 7 min, Cert 12a

A great misfortune occurs when a couple wins the Lottery, neither of them are ready, but they are eager for what comes after.


Dir/Wri: Cagil Bocut, Prod: Cagil Bocut, Asli Erdem

Turkey, 2019, 14 min 01 sec, Cert 15

Filmed in a single shot. Confusion and disappointment ensues for two parents when the French exchange student they’ve hired fails to meet expectations.


Dir/Wri/Prod: Andra Tevy

France, 2020, 16 min, Cert 15

It’s a summer Sunday on a café terrace near the Mediterranean coast.Subjective and distorted perceptions pervade as guests’ comparisons and criticisms trigger crises at their own tables.

TRT: 83 min 38 sec


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