Women in Film: Programme 2 (Cert 15) 20th October 2022 (6:00PM)

Questions of the recognition of the self as a problem, the inhumanities of health care gig work, a return to home after an accident, the preservation of tradition through youth, identity reclamation, female power and fragility and the cycles of life and change come together in this impactful selection of films by female filmmakers. 



Dir/Wri/Prod: Andrea Casaseca

Spain, 2019, 11 min 34 sec, Cert 12a

When tragedy strikes within her own family a virulent bully must confront her own sadistic tendencies.


Dir/Wri: Lotje Sodderland Prod: Margo Mars, Anthony Austin, Charlie Falconer

United Kingdom, 2020, 19 min, Cert 15

A young home health aid, restricted by a highly regulated and timed schedule does his best to provide care and caring to elderly covid-restricted shut-ins. 


Dir/Wri: Joanne Cesario, Prod: Alyssa Suico

Philippines, 2020, 2 min 32 sec, Cert 15

After a mining accident, Koi returns home to his town, greatly changed. 


Dir/Wri: Lyana Patrick, Prod: Jessica Hallenbeck

Canada, 2020, 18 min 39 sec, Cert 12

The daughter of an Indignous man abducted to and placed in residential schooling recounts her grandmother’s determination to keep him healthy and connected to his heritage and ancestral legacy.


Dir/Wri: Rosemary Baker, Prod: Rosemary Baker, Agata Mastalerz

United Kingdom, 2020, 5 min, Cert 15

Visual art and poetry combine to reclaim the use of the word ‘Lesbian’.


Dir/Wri: Yuliya Antonova, Prod: Yuliya Antonova, Julia Isaksson

Sweden, 2020, 8 min 04 sec, Cert PG

A meditative exploration of the cycles of life and the concept of time through the reflection of an elder who is turning 80.


Dir/Wri: Briana Rayner, Prod: Zack Hamm

Canada, 2019, 3 min 31 sec, Cert 15

A woman considers the state of her ageing father’s mental health and the curious circumstances around his death.



Dir: Ashley George, Wri: Alonso Diaz-Rickards,  Prod: Maya Korn, Diana Mata, Enfant & Poulet

United States, 2019, 15 min, Cert 15

After surviving assault, a 17-year-old Mexican girl finds retribution through her untapped female power. 


Dir: Alexandria L Vicari

United States, 2020, 6 min 54 sec, Cert 15

A poetic autoethnographic film full of nuance, contradictions, neurotic behaviour, and feelings of being broke and broken in the desperate attempts to find hope and solace.

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