Eurocine: Spanish Shorts (Cert 15) 19th October 2022 (6:00PM)

A young and successful magician’s best trick fails, an agreement among roommates, a fortunate and unfortunate lottery win, bullies, and perils of dating and play come together in this collection of Spanish shorts and animations.

Join us on the 19th October at the Instututo Cervantes at 6:00PM (programme starts at 6:30PM)




Dir/Wri: Abel Carbajal, Prod: Greta Díaz, Albert Aynés

Spain, 2019, 7 min 02 sec, Cert PG 

The Great Corelli is a young and successful magician. But his career goes down when his best trick fails.


Dir/Prod: Felipe Ponton, Wri: Rafael Taboada, Starring Javier Botet ( often starring in the films of Guillermo del Toro),

Spain, 2019, 11 min, Cert 15

Paco and Kike, two boys from the outskirts of Madrid, are short on cash, they decide to sell the family dog in their local barber shop called Dominican Flow.


Dir: Alberto Oliva, Prod: Paciencia Ficcion,

Spain, 2022, 1 min

Love has two faces. 


Dir/Wri: Nuria Rubio

Spain, 2021, 10mins 40 secs 

Virginia gets a visit from Diana, the daughter of a very dear friend who died a few years ago. They visit the caves and a swamp where they were together, where the memories are most present and Diana will confirm a “suspicion” that she always imagined. 


Dir/Wri: Javier Albero, Co-Wri: Cristina Galvez

Spain, 2022, 8 min

Short film starring the pioneers of animation and cinema in the Paris of La Belle Époque. The sources of inspiration of Segundo de Chomón from Teruel and his contributions on the 150th anniversary of his birth.


Dir: Javier Macipe, Wri: Javier Macipe, David Manjón,  Prod: El Pez Amarillo S.L.

Spain, 2019, 19 min, Cert PG

In Madrid, a tenant agrees to ignore the existence of the other tenant living in his apartment, so that both inhabit the space as if it were an individual use.


Dir/Wri/Prod: Txemi Pejenaute,

Spain, 2019, 4 min, Cert PG 

The scene is set for the perfect shot but, there’s just one complication, an unwanted subject.


Dir/Wri: Lluís Margarit

Spain, 2020, 8 min, Cert 15

Alba and Jaime are celebrating their 4th anniversary. Alba has a present that Jaime isn’t too excited about it.


Dir/Prod: Jorju Latorre 

Spain, 2022, 4 min

Pilar and Pol have been living “in democracy” for 10 year now. The best decision-making model, they said. Now that her daughter is old enough, they will have a key role in their system.


Dir: Sam Orti, Wri: Flora Cuevas, Prod: Alex Cervantes 

Spain, 2020, 8 min 15 sec, Cert 12a

In a dark world, devastated by lies and dominated by fear, we continue with our self-destructive routines towards extinction


Dir: Cristian Casado & Dennis Gleiss, Wri: Sergi Páez

Spain, 2020, 7 min, Cert 12a

Tragedy strikes when a couple wins the Lottery, neither of them ready, but some would say eager, for what comes after.

TRT: 88 min

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