Kino Tales: Horror & Suspense (Cert 15) 28th Oct 2022 (8:15PM)

Stories of niche photography, creepy callers, rooms that grow on their own, child free futures  and a band that has found an ideal new member find their place in this assortment of uneasy and suspenseful shorts.



Dir/Wri: Saki Cimen, Prod: Saki Cimen, Tunahan E. Bilgin

United States, 2021, 11 min, Cert 15

A photographer, enchanted by a smile, abandon’s his process and turns his camera on himself, capturing more than his own image.


Dir: Cavan Campbell, Wri: Cavan Campbell, Luke Higginson, Prod: Cavan Campbell, Sedina Fiati, Emilie Andrews

Canada, 2020, 15 min, Cert 15

A tele-social worker, bound to keep things professional, falls prey to a mysterious caller with unknown motives.


Dir/Wri: Ivan Basov, Prod: Elena Kuznetsova

Russian Federation, 2020, 20 min, Cert 15

A small home construction team encounters a mysterious phenomenon – a room that grows on its own.


Dir: Carlo Ballauri, Wri: Carlo Ballauri, Giovanni Gualdoni,  Prod: Llaria Caiazzo, Maria Costa, Cavalieri della Notte S.r.l.

Italy, 2020, 20 min, Cert 15

In a modern time, where it’s a crime to procreate, a young boy witnesses the murder of a child playing in the street.


Dir/Wri/Pro: Fred Cavender

France, 2020, 20 min, Cert 15

An ideal new band member joins up with a bar/practice space but one big problem puts the survival of the ensemble at risk.

TRT: 80 min 25 sec

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