Kino Tales 1: Comedy Shorts 1, Mon 22nd Feb

 Mon 22nd 2.00pm at Central Library

Kino Tales 1: COMEDY SHORTS 1         Tickets available here

There’s triumph over adversity, muscle, music, unfortunate medical conditions, spies and lots of cake in the first of our films in a lighter vein –  which is not to say that some of the humour isn’t pretty dark!

Sumo Road – The Musical                         UK  Premiere

Dir / Wri: Ken Ochiai, Prod: Yuki Hara, Shuhei Okabayashi, Yutaka Tamura

Japan (2015), 25 min, Cert 15

A lonely, overweight exchange student joins the Sumo team at a Japanese university. But to ensure his place, he must stand up to the team leader. Can he embrace the spirit of Sumo or will he be cast out and friendless once again?


How I Didn’t Become A Piano Player                        

Dir / Wri: Tommaso Pitta, Prod: Chris Hees

UK (2014), 18 min, Cert PG

Ted, 9 years old, is the clumsiest boy in the world, desperately searching for a talent and a vocation in life. The breakthrough arrives the day his father finds an old piano…


Waking Up Jed                         WORLD  Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Steve Sale

UK (2015), 11 min 22 sec, Cert 12

Jed suffers from a rare and very real condition called Narcolepsy, which means he falls asleep – a lot


After the Argument                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir: J. D. Hampton, Wri: Ady Hall

UK (2015), 6 min 25 sec, Cert 12

Harold has upset his girlfriend, Amelie, and he doesn’t know why. He tries to win back her affections with a surprise picnic


Strings                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri: Richard Turley, Prod: Ruth Wright

UK (2014), 13 min 19 sec, Cert 15

Convinced his dad is a spy, Luke embarks on a journey that leads him to discover the awkward truth.


We Want Cake

Dir / Wri / Prod: Tania Gonzalez

Mexico (2014), 7 min 21 sec, Cert 15

A women looking for love dates a man who who’ll show her the dark side of chubby chasing


The Girl In The Dress                       NORTH WEST  Premiere

Dir / Wri: Natalie Malla, Prod: Natalie Malla, M J McMahon, Matthew Jones

UK (2015) ,Cert 12A

Just hours before the wedding, Emily happens upon a Henry VIII living statue. Is it a bad sign?




We Want Cake

We Want Cake

The Girl In The Dress

The Girl In The Dress

After the Argument

After the Argument

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