Kino Tales 3: Romantic Tales, Tue 23rd Feb

Tues 23rd Feb, Central Library   6.00pm      Tickets now available here.


Love is on the rocks, it’s on a road to nowhere, and yet it transcends death in this series of relationship-themed shorts.

Conversations with Strangers

Dir /Prod: James Sampson, Prod: Marcus Crouch, Wri: Jonathon Nobbs, Siobhan Callas, Stephanie Wessell

UK (2014), 9 min 36 sec, Cert 15

First impressions, miscommunications and extra thick milkshakes.


Girl + Ghost                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri: Nik Wansbrough, Prod: Sam Dignand

Australia (2014) , 11 min 3 sec, Cert 15

The surreal tale of a lonely ghost, infatuated with the girl next door and the flirtatious postman who stands in the the way of their love…


My Bonnie                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Prod: Hannah Quinn, Wri / Actor: Liz Quinn

Ireland (2015), 12 min 26 sec, Cert 15

Two people at sea, trapped between a rock and a hard place, must face the distance between them.


On The Path   

Dir: Amir Sarrafha, Prod: Peyman Shadmanfar, Wri: Daryoosh Rabiei

Iran (2014), 15 min 10 sec, Cert 12

An elderly couple have lived happily together for years. Now the man is old and frail and death is at the door…


Wechselautomatik / Lost in Transportation                         WORLD Premiere

Dir / Wri: Natalia Sinelnikova, Prod: Josephine Weyreuther, Wri: Leonie Baessler

Germany (2015), 13 min 16 sec, Cert 15

Two people in motion. A car that stands still. The collision is inevitable.


Love Me Tinder

Dir: Sami Abusamra Prod: Prudence Beecroft, Tom Lorcan, Neil Gordon, Wri: Alistair Donegan

UK (2014) 11 min  Cert 15

A dark comedy exploring how technology can reduce us to our basest form, as two strangers connect on a lonely evening…


Dead Sad

Dir / Prod / Wri: Ryan Paige

UK (2014), 5 min 5 sec, Cert 15

Romero, a lonely zombie, doesn’t have any desire for flesh, only for love…



Dir / Prod / Wri: Matt White, Dir: Alistair Hood

UK (2015), 9 min, Cert 15

Mark and Izabella try to work things out. Do they really know each other? I mean, do they really KNOW each other?


TRT: 86:36

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