Kinofilm 2014 presents Festival Preview

FESTIVAL PREVIEW (Cert 15) @ Central Library

Tuesday 27th May, 5.30pm

Enjoy a glass of wine followed by a 60 minute selection of some of the best films in the festival. Meet the team and preview some of the Kinofilm Manchester International Short Film Festival offerings. The programme includes the  Academy Award-nominated short The Voorman Problem, directed by Mark Gill, starring Martin Freeman, Tom Hollander and Elisabeth Gray and shot on location in Manchester.


The Voorman Problem

Dir: Mark Gill, 12’ / UK / 2011

A psychiatrist (Tom Hollander) is called to a prison to examine the enigmatic Mr Voorman (Martin Freeman) who is convinced he is a god.

The Voorman Problem

The Voorman Problem


Dir/ Wri: Jamie Humphris, Pro: Luigi Iacullo/Andrew Skarda / 9’ / Australia / 2014

When he couldn’t reach out for his dream, his dream reached out for him… a musical drama about a taxi driver who aspires to touch lives through his songs.





Dir: Aneel Ahmed, Manchester, 2014, 12min

Checkpost follows filmmaker Shahid Mehboob, after he is shot and wounded on a remote highway in Pakistan.

check post2



Dir/Wri/Pro: Juan Pablo Zaramella Wri: Juan Pablo Zaramella, 6’ / Argentina / 2012

In a world controlled and timed by light, a common man has a plan that could change his destiny.






Dir; Jason Wingard, Prod; Mike Elliott, Writ; Davis Isaac (18 mins) 2014

One mother, two sons, three dads and a whole lotta Chesney Hawkes

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