British One: Comedy Tales 01/12/18 at 4.00pm

We’ve pranksters and romancers, dietary fads and social trends, communication breakdowns and claustrophobic spaces, online etiquette and religious obligation, supermarket romance and a drastic plan to escape a lonely Christmas, in this collection of British shorts with a distinctly comic flavour.

Advisory Cert 15

Saturday 1st December at 4:00pm              

NIAMOS 1 (Nia Cultural Centre), Chichester Road, Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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Dir: Christopher Ian Smith, Prod: Sophia Georgiou, Wri: Richard Anthony Dunford.

UK, 2018, 5 min 30 sec, Cert 15

Two sisters’ practical joke on their Grandfather doesn’t quite go to plan.

THE HUNGRY GAMES                            

North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri / Cast: Jessica Ellerby, Co-Dir: Sam Swainsbury.

UK, 2017, 6 min 20 sec, Cert 15

Two regular women spiral out of control ‘in the name of health’.


North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Harry Roth.

UK, 2018, 7 min 24 sec, Cert 15

An ambitious wildlife photographer is driven to extreme measures as she attempts to uphold the peace and tranquility of her prized birdwatching spot.

TRUE CRIME                                           

World Premiere

Dir / Wri: Christopher Ratcliff, Prod: Ted Wilkes.

UK, 2018, 11 min 16 sec) (Cert 15)

After discovering a corpse during his morning jog, Bill embarks on an increasingly frantic journey to ensure he won’t be wrongfully identified as the killer.


North West Premiere

Dir / Co-Prod / Co-Wri: Sherill Turner, Co-Prod / Co-Wri / Cast: Louise Ann Munro.

UK, 2018, 9 min 12 sec, Cert 15

Two cinema ushers share a mutual crush, but they are both too shy to do anything about it until they start hearing each other’s thoughts – the good and the bad.


Dir / Prod / Wri: John Addis & Matt Bowron.

UK, 2018, 7 min, Cert 15

Dr Morris goes to increasingly desperate lengths to conceal a painful truth from his wife.

HOPE IN A BOX                                        

North West Premiere

Dir / Wri: Mick Dow, Prod / Cast: Becky Black.

UK, 2017, 6 min 52 sec, Cert 15

Kidnapped, tied up and locked in a box, Ally and Mark have to make a decision: Do they stay or get out?


Dir / Prod / Wri: Will Nash, Prod: Dan Hammersley.

UK, 2018, 5 min 29 sec, Cert 15

A fan of the ‘ladette culture’ from the 90’s, Lady tells us why it was so great.

CALL ME ALVY                                        

North West Premiere

Dir / Wri: Alexei Slater, Prod: Eve Dautremant Tomas.

UK, 2017, 10 min 20 sec, Cert 12

When Bar Mitzvah boy Brian Silver becomes obsessed with Woody Allen, his mother Judith goes to great lengths to make sure the big day goes smoothly.

UNEXPECTED ITEM                                 

North West Premiere

Dir: Stephen Gallacher, Prod: Sashi Arnold, Wri: Chris Croucher.

UK, 2018, 10 min 9 sec, Cert 15

Sometimes you get more than you pay for, but life advice from a self service check out, is probably the strangest deal you’ll get in the supermarket today.


Dir: JD Hampton, Prod: Bev Lawley, Zoe Guilford, Wri: Sonya Quayle.

UK, 2018, 9 min 34 sec, Cert 12

Tired of spending every day alone Jean decides this Christmas she’ll do something about it.


Dir: Joseph Brett, Wri / Cast: Rebecca Boey.

UK, 2018, 8 min 59 sec, Cert 15

Four people whose lives have been destroyed by internet trolls, and their addiction to arguing back.

TRT: 96 min 05 sec


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