British Three: Connecting Tales 01/13/18 at 8.30pm

The problems of human interaction in all of its rich complexity: the kindness of strangers and the randomness of romance; unexpected moments of bonding and the challenging complexities of a fraught family life, in a series of films about connection… or the failure to find it.

Saturday 1st December at 8:30pm

NIAMOS sc. 1 (Nia Cultural Centre)

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North West Premiere

Dir: Iain Robertson, Prod: John Quinn, Wri: Donna Franceschild.

UK, 2017, 10 min

A chance encounter between two strangers – ordinary people in a not so ordinary situation…

HEART’S EASE                                   

North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Jassa Ahluwalia, Prod: Olly Fawcett.

UK, 2018, 14 min 45 sec

A shy teenage outcast strikes up an unlikely school romance with a cool new girl from America. But their blossoming relationship hides a dark secret.


North West Premiere

Dir: George Watson, Prod: Dom Riley, Prod / Wri: Alexei Slater.

UK, 2017, 10 min

Over the course of one fateful night in East London, thirty-something Candice learns that first impressions are not always everything

SELSEY BILL                                      

World Premiere

Dir / Wri: Jake Mavity, Prod: Will Waters.

UK, 2018, 10 min 02 sec
Two estranged brothers reunite to scatter their father’s ashes at Selsey Bill.


UK Premiere

Dir: AJ Sykes, Prod: Asib Akram, Prod / Wri: Chris Martin.

UK, 2018, 7 min 58 sec

As her husband lies dying in hospital, Mary reflects on their turbulent life together.

SPECIAL DELIVERY                         

Greater Manchester Premiere

Dir: Giulia Gandini, Prod: Abby Mizon, Wri: Chiara Procacci.

UK, 2018, 9 min 04 sec

A broke university student nonchalantly delivering cocaine under the guise of delivering takaways for a London restaurant, meets an unexpected first time customer: a street smart 13-year-old kid..

THE 11th                                                                   

North West Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Naomi Waring, Prod: Kevin Barnett, Stuart Drennan.

UK, 2018, 13 min 40 sec

Fisher returns to a community that he turned his back on, in order to make amends with his daughter Amy.

LAST DAY OF SUMMER                  

Greater Manchester Premiere

Dir / Wri: Aleksandra Czenczek, Prod: Adriana Kulig, Caroline Tod-Richardson.

UK, 2017, 13 min 29 sec

An elderly woman suffering from dementia, has escaped from a care home. Wandering along the beach trying to make friends, she bumps into a young boy…

TETE A TETE                                    

North West Premiere

Dir / Wri: Natasha Tonkin, Prod: Ragnheiður Erlingsdóttir.

UK, 2017, 7 min 41 sec

A young woman visits her family. Over the weekend tensions flare, whilst technology provides an easy respite.

TRT: 95 min 19 sec

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