2014 Festival News and Thanks

So the festival is over, and we have announced this awards for this year, please see the poster of Award Winners 2014.

We are pleased with the results of this year’s festval and would like to thank everyone involved, including all our volunteers, venues and partners, and of course, the participating filmmakers and audiences. We give a very special thank you to Michael Thompson of Hardy Productions who handled all the digital downloads and authoured the Blue ray discs for the screening.

We hope you lke the films that were on offer and sorry for any dissapointment if your film didn’t make it this year. Note that some films that were not selected will be forwarded for consideration to our next festival in due course. If you submitted via any of the on-line sites please note that we will be updating the submissions on those sites soon. Unfortuately we just do not have the resourse to contact everyone who submitted films so you haven’t heard from us before September, please assume your submission was unsuccessful.

So what’s next? We wiill continue now with our monthly events at the Three Minute Theatre. normally the last WED of the month, any North West filmmakers can submit new films to these events now. Festivals wise, watch out for news of our next festival (part 2 of 2014) in November this year when we’ll be giving audiences another chance to see many of the fims in this festival and lots more besides. Watch out too for news of what we will be doing in 2015 to celebrate twenty years of Kino Manchester, yes, 2015 will be twenty years since the first Kinofilm Festival and we’ll be celebrating big-time!

Once again, if you were involved in this years festival in any capacity, this thanks goes out to you, thanks once again for your support and we hope you’ll be back.

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3 thoughts on “2014 Festival News and Thanks

  1. Loved the festival but had the awful pleasure of meeting a drunkin fkin wnker called Lawrence Larkin what a loud mouth obnoxious wannabe actor – god help who ever works with him next,

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