Alumni Programme 01/12/18 at 2.00pm

(Please Note the venue has changed from GOODSTOCK to NIAMOS Screen 2)

Advisory Cert 15

Sat 1st Dec 2.00

NIAMOS 2, Chichester Rd/Warwick St, Manchester M15 5EU

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Dir: Giulia Gandini, Prod: Ibrahim Kamel, Wri: Charlie Tidmas, Cast: Josie Kidd, Ava Emery

UK, 14 min 48 sec

A house stands aside from all the others, surrounded by legends and myths. Ophelia, 11 years old, decides to enter: what awaits on the other side of the door is nothing like she would have expected.


Dir / Wri: Eoin Maher, Cast: Aaron Lee

UK, 8 min 30 sec

A gay man leaves another disappointing hook up and wonders why he feels so alone. Maybe it’s everyone else. Maybe it’s him.

CALLING HOME (Also Screening in UK Women In Film)

Dir / Wri: Megan K. Fox, Prod: Paul Romero Méndez, Cast: Natalia Kostrzewa, Aaron Taylor

UK, 2017, 19 min 40 sec

Dorota moves to London with dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but her path is altered by an abusive relationship.

calling home

HIDING (Also Screening in British Programme One)

Dir / Prod / Wri: Harry Roth, Cast: Sara Dee, Wes Dalton

UK, 2018, 7 min 24 sec, Cert 15

An ambitious wildlife photographer is driven to extreme measures as she attempts to uphold the peace and tranquility of her prized birdwatching spot.

hiding kino

HEART’S EASE (Also Screening in British Programme Three)

Dir / Prod / Wri: Jassa Ahluwalia, Prod: Olly Fawcett, Cast: Scott Chambers, Ramanique Ahluwalia, Hayley Carmichael

UK, 2018, 14 min 45 sec

A shy teenage outcast strikes up an unlikely school romance with a cool new girl from America. But their blossoming relationship hides a dark secret.

hearts ease kino


Dir: Anton Thykier, Prod: Andrew Oldbury, Wri: Christian Bengtson, Cast: Julia Malik, Lola Fuchs, Jacqui-Lee Pryce, John Wallis

UK, 17 min 54 sec

When confronted by her daughter’s lifestyle, Charlotte must consider the choices she made in her youth and the life that has passed her by.


Dir / Wri: Akira Kamiki, Prod: Sofia Wickerhauser, Guilherme Andrade, Cast: Esteban H Esquivel, Clayton Nascimento, Igor Armucho

Brazil, 2018, 13 min 40 sec, Cert 15

The very best places to visit, take photos and fall in love in São Paulo!

top 10 kino

TRT: 96 min 41 sec.


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