British Shorts 2, Sun 28th Feb

Sun 28th Feb, Anthony Burgess Foundation 4.00pm            Tickets now available here.


Doomed romance, racial tension, violence, dead-end lives, disability, dead relationships – oh, and cute fluffy bunnies – in our second British programme.

The Storyteller
Dir: Andreas Sheittanis, Prod: Panayiotis Verropoulos, Wri: Andreas Sheittanis
UK (2015), 18 mins (Cert 15)

A failing book editor becomes obsessed with acquiring a magical book with an endless supply of stories. Unfortunately for her though, the owner is not willing to give it to her.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller


Balcony                          NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir: Toby Fell-Holden, Prod: Tom Kimberley & Ali Mansuri

UK 17 min, Cert 15

In a neighbourhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent arrival.

(Winner of the London Calling Plus Award 2015)


How Mochi is Made

Dir / Prod / Wri: Abigail Fairhurst

UK (2015), 3 min 6 sec, Cert 12

By rabbits on the Moon, of course…


A Short Guide To Re-Entry

Dir / Wri: Anwar Boulifa

UK (2015), 15 min 36 sec, Cert 15

KHALID is released from prison. He attends a work shop that promises to find him work, but reality proves much tougher than he ever imagined.


Cusp                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri: Oliver Warren, Prod: Jacob Madsen

UK (2014), 14 min 33 sec, Cert 15 / 18

Kyle, a seventeen year-old outsider drifts through life. A chance encounter with the self-proclaimed ‘town trannie’, Michael, leads him to confront his fears and failings and set out on a path to the big city.


Dir/Wri: Damien O’Connor, Prod: Edel Byrne

Ireland (2014), 5 min. 30 sec., Cert PG

A touching story about the life of a Russian orphan.


Any Other Sense                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri: James Tyler, Prod: Christopher Daley, Prod / Wri / Star: Coral Amiga

UK (2015), 11 min 55 sec, Cert 15

A couple struggle to come to terms with their new reality after an accident leaves one of them deaf.


I’m In the Corner with Bluebells




TRT: 92:22


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