Euro Cine 1: Spanish Shorts 1, Wed 24th Feb

Wed 24th Feb, Instituto Cervantes 6.15pm   Tickets now on sale here

Euro Cine 1. Spanish Shorts 1 (Cert 15)  FREE SCREENING

Paranoia, paper marriages, people on the periphery and poo are among the subjects for the first of our selection of some of the best new films from Spain…

Nemo            UK  Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Felipe Sanz

Spain (2014), 17 min, Cert 15

Following a series of strange, annoying phone calls, a lonely man starts to suspect he’s part of a sinister experiment…

EL DÍA MÁS FELIZ / The Happiest Day            UK Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Gaizka Urresti Fernández de Valderrama

Spain (2014), 10 min, Cert 15

Jose Mari and Eva get married in a courthouse before a couple of strangely uninvolved witnesses. There is to be no wedding celebration.


Dir / Wri: J C Falcon, Prod: Sofía Pedroche, Iban Díez, Anxo Rodríguez

Spain (2015), 15 min, Cert 15

Clari is going out tonight and she’s on a mission: her girlfriend is about to stand up a guy she met on the internet and Clari has every intention to hook up with him instead. What could possibly go wrong?

The Background Man              UK  Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Jose Medina

Spain (2014), 3 min 45 sec, Cert 15

A man without memories confronts his past through a series of photographic images in which sometimes what really matters is in the background.

Through the Breaking Glass             NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Ivan Mena-Tinoco

Spain (2015), 14 min 55 sec, Cert 12

Alice wakes up in a wonderful land. She does not remember her name nor how she got there. Three stars fall from the sky and become pieces of a broken mirror.

I’ve Just Had a Dream

Dir / Prod / Wri: Javi Navarro, Wri: Pedro Herrero

Spain (2014), 7 min 25 sec, Cert 12

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream

Namnala            UK  Premiere

Dir / Prod: Nacho Solana, Prod: Laura Crouan, Wri Marcos Diez

Spain (2014), 14 min 37 sec, Cert 12

José is an outdated man with an outdated business. His technical support shop, which once made him feel so alive is about to close. Then he is visited by a mysterious customer.

TRT: 82:42

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