Family Friendly, FREE SCREENING, Sat 27th Feb

Sat 27th Feb, Central Library  3.00pm             Tickets now available here.


Wild West fantasies, young love, the healing power of sport and a date with a difference in this selection of films for all the family.


Billy the Kid

Dir / Prod / Wri: Sam Johnson, Prod: David Wade, Simon West

UK, 15 min 45 sec, Cert 12

Fitting in to a new school can be hard, particularly when you were bullied out of the last one for living your life as a cowboy. Producer Simon West is the director of CON AIR


Bamboule                         UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Simon Ostermann, Prod: Elena Winterer, David Nienhold, Wri: Seraina Nyikos

Germany, 14 min 30 sec, Cert PG

Brandenberg. A playing field in the middle of nowhere. Benjamin Scholl has been forgotten by his father…


Head Coach                         UK Premiere

Dir: Sergey Pesin

Ukraine, 19 min 15 sec, Cert PG

After a traumatic injury a former professional football player has to work as a school football coach. One of his young pupils changes his life.



Dir / Prod / Wri: Sophie Galibert

France, 16 min 50 sec, Cert 12

Ten-year-old Paul is on holiday in the countryside. He would like to invite Wendy to dance at the village ball, but he is too shy. How will he find the courage?


Terrance                         EUROPEAN Premiere

Dir / Wri: Justin Garcia, Prod: Raquel M. Sangalang

USA, 19 min 44 sec, Cert 12

Forced to find a date for her sister’s wedding, the shy and reclusive Angelica must break out of her shell with the help of an unconventional wing-man.

TRT: 86:04

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