Euro Cine 3: French/Italian Shorts, FREE SCREENING, Thur 25th Feb

Thur 25th Feb – Instituto Cervantes 6.15pm  FREE SCREENING 

Euro Cine 3 (French & Italian) (Cert 15)        Tickets now available here.

A challenge to all you Euro-sceptics out there! A selection of films from France and Italy in collaboration with our partners Dante Alligeri and the Alliance Francaise.

We are pleased to announce that a Q&A will follow the screening with Marinos Kallikourdis, director of two of the Italian shorts – ‘California Dreaming’ and ‘Finful of dollars’.

French Selection

LE FRUIT DE L’AMOUR, ET DU HASARD / The Fruit of Love and Chance                          UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Juliette Morice, Prod: Marie-Claude Morice

France (2014), 18 min, Cert 15

Marion and Mehdi used to love each other but are now torn apart by their separate aspirations: he’s desperately looking for a job, she’s only wishing for a baby…



Dir / Prod / Wri: Sophie Galibert

France (2014), 16 min 50 sec, Cert 12

Ten-year-old Paul is on holiday in the countryside. He would like to invite Wendy to dance at the village ball, but he is too shy. How will he find the courage?


The Autumn of Zao

Dir / Prod: Nikolaus Roche-Kresse, Prod: Mélanie Couraud, José Monplet, François-Xavier Marchi, Matthieu Choquette, Pierre-Claude Gaumerd, Wri: Elia Blanc, Morgane Hocde, Claudine Bertin

France (2014) 18 min 8 sec, Cert 15

Zao is a little boy with an incurable disease, in a house beside a lake. A little girl, Cloe, leads him through the forest and tells him the legend of the lake monster.


La Tête de l’Emploi (Right Person For The Job)

Dir / Wri: Wilfried Meance, Wri: Loic Gaillard

France, 7 min, Cert 15

Jean is in his 50s and has been laid off after his company downsized. He has a meeting with his Employment Advisor at the Job centre – a smug young man less than half his age…

Italian Selection

California Dreaming: surfisti di una provincia senza mare

(California Dreaming: surfers of a land-locked county)

Dir/Prod/Wri: Marinos Kallikourdis

Italy 2011, 12 mins, Cert PG

Milan is an urban city, surrounded by miles of factories and fields. It isn’t California. But when a dedicated and committed surfer feels the longing to ride the waves, no obstacle is insurmountable.


A Finful of Dollars

Dir/Prod/Wri: Marinos Kallikourdis

Italy/Argentina 2007, 1m 30s, Cert PG (no dialogue)

A spaghetti western in the Antarctic…


The Keeper’s Wife                         UK Premiere

Dir: Mario Parruccini, Prod: Paolo Zanotti, Wri: Angela Giammatteo

Italy 2015, 15 min, Cert 12

Turin. The keeper of an abandoned government building close to the prison ‘Le Vallette’, lives on the site with his blind wife and a little granddaughter. Suddenly, one day their monotonous routine is broken, as………………….


The Fifth Stage

Dir / Wri: Angelo Indolfi,

Italy (2014), 11 min 13 sec, Cert PG

A light hearted journey into the way a young teenager discover and overcome the discriminant reality of being born “red-haired”.


The Girl and The Gondola

Wri/Dir: Abbe Robinson

UK/Italy (2014), 12 mins, Cert PG

Carla, a young girl from Venice, dreams of one day becoming a gondolier like her father. But he says that girls can’t become gondoliers. Carla is faced with a choice: accept that some male stereotypes cannot be

TRT: 111:59

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