International Panorama Shorts 2, Tues 23rd Feb

Tues 23rd Feb, Anthony Burgess Foundation  6.30pm

INTERNATIONAL PANORAMA SHORTS 2 (15)    Tickets are now on sale here.

There’s sport, sickness, violence, marriage gone wrong, murder most foul, misunderstandings turned nasty, and the cinematic nature of memory in the second selection of films from around the world…


Dir / Prod / Wri: Francisco Lorite, Prod: Bill Winett, Freddy Rodriguez, Starring Freddy Rodriguez, Marley Shelton. USA (2014), 14 min 10 sec, Cert 15

A divorce mediation spirals out of control for a husband, his soon-to-be ex-wife and their court-appointed mediator, in this mean-spirited, pitch-black comedy that reunites Freddy Rodriguez (SIX FEET UNDER) with his GRINDHOUSE co-star Marley Shelton.

For Sure UK          Premiere

Dir / Wri / Prod: Sydney Buchan

Canada (2015), 10 min 19 sec, Cert15

‘Think about all the things you did today that make you an asshole.’

Silver Sands Motel          UK Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Cris Noda, Cayetana H. Cuyás

Spain (2014), 5 min, Cert 15

Silver Sands Motel, I hope you like the place.

Transfer         EUROPEAN Premiere

Dir / Prod: Christopher Spencer-Lowe, Wri: Simon Vigneault

Canada (2014), 16 min 10 sec, Cert 15)

An exploration of the delicate, fragile and magical nature of memory and its appropriation and transference through found film footage.


Dir / Wri / Prod: Nazir Mirzaee

Iran (2014), 8 min 18 sec, Cert 15

Birth to death of a Thalassemia patient


Dir / Wri: Darlene Johnson, Prod: Heather Oxenham

Australia (2015), 13 min 53 sec. Cert 15

Bluey, an angry young woman trapped in a life of violence, meets a mystery mentor who could change everything.


Dir / Wri: Dave Tynan, Prod: Michael Connelly

Ireland (2014) 13 min 17 sec, Cert 15

Cork, 1982. Diminutive eleven year old Roy is trying to make it onto the starting eleven of his football team, Rockmount.

Neighbors      UK Premiere

Dir / Wri / Prod: Brandon Boudreaux, Prod: Eric Dozier

USA (2014), 11 min, Cert 15

Hidden within the closed doors of a normal apartment building is a horrific secret.

TRT: 92:07

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