International Panorama Shorts 1, Mon 22nd & Tues 23rd Feb

Mon 22nd Feb, Central Library  6.00pm      Tickets for Monday available now here.

Tues 23rd Feb, Central Library  2.00pm (repeat screening)  Tickets for Tue available here


We’ve feckless fathers and desperate daughters, unsettling encounters and exploitative directors, and a man’s bone-chilling glimpse of his own immediate future in the first of our selections of cinema from across the globe…



Dir / Wri: Matthew Gentile, Prod: Alex Dew, Wri: Corey Wilcosky

USA (2014), 19 min, Cert 15)

A rock star juggles responsibility, fatherhood, and his own failing health.


Anxiety #5                        UK Premiere

Dir / Wri: Jess Foster, Prod: Jeff Migel, Craig Hopkins

Canada (2015), 5 min 35 sec, Cert 15

A man’s fate is sealed within a Brooklyn tenement housing bathroom in 1983.



Dir / Wri: Taisia Deeva, Prod: Wolfgang Boss, Uliana Lukina, Karina Tateosyan

Russia (2015), 23 min, Cert 15

Ten-year old Sasha tries to be on good terms with both of her divorced parents. But her hopes are shattered during a picnic with her father and his new girlfriend.

El Lobo                         UK Premiere

Dir / Wri / Prod: Stéphane Dirschauer

Canada (2014) 21 min 8 sec, Cert 15

Two drunken med students meet up with an alluring storyteller.



Dir / Wri: Mehrnoush Aliaghaei, Prod: Dina Harb

US / Iran (2014), 14 min 56 sec, Cert 15

An unseen man behind the camera asks a series of auditioning actresses to share their darkest secrets. How much are they willing to share? And what is this really about?

TRT: 83:39

Tickets available now here.

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