iShorts 2015, Mon 22nd & Thur 25th Feb + Conference on Monday

Mon 22nd Feb, 70 Oxford Street  5.50pm  FREE SCREENING   Tickets for Monday  available here

    preceded by iShorts Conference on Monday 22nd at 4.00pm at 70 Oxford Street.

Thur 25th Feb, Central Library  3.00pm (repeat Paid screening) Tickets for Thursday available here


We’re excited to have the latest slate (2015) of Creative England’s supported iShorts scheme, in  a completey free admission programme in collaboration with Manchester School of Art and Creative England at 70 Oxford Street. There will be a repeat screening (paid screening) on Mon 25th at Central Library).

Preceding the screening on MON 22nd there will be a iShorts panel discussion with several of the participant filmmakers before the screening from 4.00pm (arrival from 3.30pm please) Booking highly recommend. Those with tickets for iShorts screening will have access to the pre-screening Conference subject to availability (but to guarantee entry best to get tickets as below).

If you want tickets for the pre-screening iShorts Conference they are available here


A Six and Two Threes                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri:Andy Berriman, Prod: Maria Caruana Galizia

UK (2015) Cert 15

Two kids from different sides of the tracks meet when one goes in search of their father.



Dir / Wri: Dean Puckett, Prod: Rebecca Wolff

UK (2015), 15m, Cert 15

Circles is a Comedy/Horror which follows a pair of paranormal investigators as they discover a string of crop circles around their small town of Totnes, Devon


Holes in Their Souls

Dir / Wri: Andy Smith, Prod: Ged Hunter, Dave Hart

UK (2015), 15 mins, Cert 15

Fact is stranger than fiction in this true urban myth

Spiral                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri: Richard Addlesee, Prod: Paul Burdon

UK (2015), 11m.30s, Cert 15

A story of love, regret and obsession, Spiral has an air of the fantastical, full of secrets and sinister tensions.


The Offering

Dir / Wri: Sima Gonsai, Prod: Julia Higginbottom

UK (2015), 12m 30s, Cert 15

An Indian family disjointed by the loss of a loved one, struggle to heal individually and as a unit.


Wild Flower

Dir / Wri: Claire Molloy,  Prod: Jason Wingard

UK (2015), 15m 22s, Cert 15

A personal film exploring the strain and strength in family relationships under the weight of mental health,

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