Animation 4: Kids Corner FREE SCREENING, Sat 27th Feb

Sat 27th Feb, Central Library            1.00pm  FREE SCREENING       Tickets now available here.

Animation 4: “KID’S CORNER” (PG)

Settle in to hear some stories about lost little light bulbs, critters in machines, music well-played and not, a Grim Reaper that couldn’t, and a little mountain that could.


Dir: Rhiannon Evans, Wri: Rhiannon Evans & Joe Murtagh, Prod: Alexandra Breede

UK (2015), 7 min. 33 sec., Cert PG

Travel around the brain with a little, lost thought and follow the journey of what makes a great idea.



Dir/Wri: Damien O’Connor, Prod: Edel Byrne

Ireland (2014), 5 min. 30 sec., Cert PG

A touching story about the life of a Russian orphan.


Animal Landscape                        REGIONAL/BRITISH Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Shelley Dodson

USA (2015), 3 min. 46 sec., Cert PG

African animals change the environment as relationships between predator and prey unfold.


The Storyteller                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Eleonora Quario

UK (2015) , 7 min. 22 sec., Cert PG

In a town where books have been banned for years and stories have been forgotten, someone new arrives. She’s a girl with magical hair, who will have to deal with a society that doesn’t accept her.

Musicide (Musicidio)                        REGIONAL Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Ferriol Tugues

Spain (2015), 6 min. 10 sec., Cert PG

Music playing in the town square is met with the annoyance and disdain of the folks who have to listen to it. All day.


Mend And Make Do                        MANCHESTER Premiere

Dir: Bexie Bush, Wri: Stefan Kaday, Prod: Timo Suomi

UK (2014), 10 min. 49 sec., Cert PG

Come and take a seat in Lyn’s cosy front room, hear her story of wartime love and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady.


Opossum                        UK Premiere

Dir/Wri: Paul Cichon, Prod: Alexandra Stautmeister

Germany (2015), 4 min., Cert PG

An opossum in a coffee machine offers one very cute possibility of why most technical devices break down after some time.


The Present

Dir/Wri: Jacob Frey, Prod: Anna Matacz

Germany (2014), 4 min. 20 sec., Cert PG

Jake spends most of his time playing video games indoors until his mom decides to give him a present.

Seventh Heaven                        MANCHESTER Premiere

Dir/Wri/Prod: Or Tilinger

Israel (2014), 10 min. 30 sec., Cert PG

An unexpected earthquake leads a young shepherd with sheep into a fantastic and comic quest to return home again.



The Forest Paper

Dir/Wri/Prod: Sipparpad Krongraksa

Thailand (2015), 4 min. 12 sec., Cert PG

The understanding of the importance of man and nature getting along unfolds in this original animation.


La Trompeta                          BRITISH Premiere

Dir/Wri: Andrés Nieves, Prod: Ana Sánchez-Gijón & Diana Robles

Spain (2014), 9 min. 12 sec., Cert PG

In The Roaring Twenties, Jeffrey is a famous Jazz trumpeter on the New Orleans’ club scene. Everything is fine until one night when the worst thing that can happen to a musician occurs…


Dji. Death Sails                        REGIONAL Premiere

Dir/Prod: Dmitri Voloshin, Wri: Vadim Novak, Dmitri Voloshin & Serdar Djumaev

Moldova (2014), 5 min. 18 sec., Cert PG

Dji is a terribly unlucky Grim Reaper who doesn’t seem good at his job. This time he has to take the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean, but that is easier said than done!


Some Thing                        NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir/Wri: Elena Walf, Prod: Heiko Schulze, Paul Maresch

Germany (2015), 7 min., Cert PG

Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. But the little mountain can’t compete. He’s just in possession of this tiny, strange and useless SOME THING.

TRT: 85:15

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