Kino Experimental, FREE SCREENING, Thur 25th Feb

Thur 25th Feb, Apotheca Bar  630pm    Tickets now available here.


Medically-inspired dance routines, robot sex, motherhood, mental illness, the aftermath of violence, jarring encounters with the environment, and a biographical documentary with a distinct difference make for a cornucopia of challenging cinema.


Doctor Sharpe                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Alice Ash, Dir / Prod: Laura Brown

UK (2015), 12 min 7 sec, Cert 15

Meet Rose Durrell, a woman so fixated on her relationship with her handsome and silent doctor that she will do anything to find a way into his surgery.


Dance of The Neurons                         INTERNATIONAL Premiere

Dir / Prod: Jody Oberfelder, Eric Siegel

USA (2015), 5 min 4 sec, Cert 12

24 dancers embody the birth of neurons, activating the brain/body. Created in consultation with leading neuroscientists.


Robot Dreams Made Flesh                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Prod: Robert Lyons

USA (2015) 4 min 36 sec, Cert 15

Model maker/animator Michael Sullivan at work on his stop motion opus “The Sex Life of Robots”.


Luz                         LUZ Premiere

Dir / Wri: Jacqueline Lentzou, Prod: Mando Stathi

Greece (2015), 14 min 25 sec, Cert 15

A different tale about motherhood


Broken Edge                        

Dir: Dio Chen, Prod / Wri: Travis Dunn

USA (2015), 9 min 26 sec, Cert 15

A girl searches aimlessly after a dramatic event.

Baer                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri: Pascal Floerks, Prod: Julia Smola

Germany (2015), 9 min, Cert 15

A young man narrates the life story of his WWII veteran father. Who just happens to have been a bear…


Mer Depre                         NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Prod: Margaret Orr

USA (2015), 6 min 8 sec, Cert 15

A journey through the mind of a depressed individual.


Negative Nature                         EUROPEAN Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Dawn George

Canada (2013), 6 min 25 sec, Cert 12

Bugs, slugs and time-lapse plants are treated in film reversal, embellished with a sophisticated sound design and delivered with touches of drama and humour.


Light Study                         UK Premiere

Dir / Prod / Wri: Josephine Massarella

USA, 12 min 30 sec, Cert 15

A examination of the wetlands, forests, and ecosystems of the Niagara Escarpment.

TRT: 84:06

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