Kino Exposed 2: UK Students, Wed 24th Feb

Wed 24th Feb, Anthony Burgess Foundation 6.30pm

Kino Exposed 2 (UK Student Shorts) (15)    Tickets on Sale Now Here

We’ve racial tensions, family tragedies, Internet paranoia, mermaids, mad artists, clones and social etiquette for serial killers in this selection of new student work from up and coming UK talent…

One Day In Whitechapel

Dir / Wri / Prod: Seemab Gul, Co-Prod: Inesa Ivanova

UK (2015), 12 min 21 sec, Cert 15

Two teenagers start their day on the opposite sides of the barricades during a racist demonstration in Whitechapel, London. Events will bring them closer together.

The Technician

Dir / Prod / Wri: James Arden, Prod: Hayley-Amber Woods

UK (2014), 15 min, Cert 15

A prying I.T. technician who copies private files from his clients’ computers uncovers something best left hidden.

Skin                   NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir / Wri / Prod: Alexander Leistiko, Prod: Mandalena Munkonge

UK (2015), 16 min 16 sec, Cert 12

One Autumn in Brighton, Jack gives his heart to a selkie…


Dir / Wri: Josh Ormerod, Producer Jordan Daynes

UK (2015), 11 min 57 sec, Cert PG

Len, an elderly man battling dementia, travels to a distant city to meet the clone he has hired to serve as a loving substitute husband to his unsuspecting wife.

Blue Boy

Dir: Max Jedwab, Prod: Ingrid B. Holstad, Wri: George Donovan

UK (2015),  8 min 19 sec, Cert 15

Adam is a reclusive artist whose romantic self-delusion has led him to believe his work is the result of having ink for blood.

Nothing Gold

Dir / Wri: Krysten Resnick, Prod / Wri: Kate Connerty

UK (2015), 17m, Cert 15

Three generations of women attempt to cope with the imminent loss of a grandfather.

Keep Calm and Carry On               NORTH WEST Premiere

Dir: Stan Valroff, Prod: Charles Thompson, Wri: Jing Li

UK (2015), 4m 31s Cert 15

Serial killer Chris has just murdered his latest victim in her own flat. He is just cleaning up afterwards, when the doorbell rings. It seems his victim was throwing a party this evening…


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