Kino Shorts 54 Kicked in 2015 in style

Our first event of the year took place on 28th January at the Three Minute Theatre in the Northern Quarter. Packed full of goodies the event went down a storm with a great selection of fillms. Here’s a summary of what was screened on the night.

Our friends from MSI in Liverpool joined us with two of their new horror creations.. First up was SIDESHOW, a 12 min horror film written by Jamie Bixby and Chase Johnston-Lynch and directed by Chase Johnston-Lynch. Starring Annmarie Hodson, Lee Craig and Jamie Bixby.

Synopsis: Motivational speaker, Linzi Corcoran is harbouring a dark secret that she hates clowns. Look like one has something to say about that. Filmed by Shaun Givens and Matt Sheil

SideshowSecond film from Chase and friends. Shivilenco Media & Square One Pictures was, “5”, a 12 min horror film written by Colin Hives and Chase Johnston-Lynch, produced by Chase Johnston-Lynch and directed by Colin Hives. Starring Tom George, Claryn Scott, Alice Weston, Natalie Timmins, Tasher Odita and Hannah Mary Jenkins with Lydia Parsons.

Synopsis: 5 women go down in to a dark dungeon for vengeance but it slips thru their fingers and is up to pick them off one at a time

5  chaseWe had a few newbies to Kino in Jan. Starting of with this on: e”Logolepsy” a 4 minute artists short film by Lana Askari from Manchester. “A search of words on Oxford Road”.

logolepsyNext up we had a short film by Toni Sherwood-Pierce. FALL IN (7 mins). Synopsis: After a few months without contact, Kaleigh turns up on Annie’s doorstep intending to fix the rift that has grown between them.. but Kaliegh has hew own intentions.

fall inAnother newcomer to Kino in January and a newcomer to the world of short filmmaking, Nigel Grimsditch presented his new film NOT LONG NOW. (6 mins). Synopsis: “A Girl scares herself with her own imagination”.

not long nowFirst screening at Kino for Matt Sheil and Carl le Monde with their monologue short IDIOMA (5 mins)
Director Matt Sheil, produced and written by Carl le Monde.
A dark vision of ‘effective communication’ brought to you by Carl le Monde

Language can be so subjective. Communication in all its splendor assuming lots of different forms. Sometimes a lesson in effective communication just has to be taught. And I’m exactly the person to teach it.

idiomaWe were pleased to have some filmmakers that joined us all the way from KENT.  They showed their comedy drama short SET POINT (16 mins), directed, produced and written by Neilson Black, co-producer Bronwen Jones. Synopsis: A cyber computer genius uses her skills to uncover the secrets of a rich investment banker.

Finally, regular at Kino Chris Cronin was at Kino to chat about his film after its screening “2:AM” (15 mins)
Directed by Chris, produced by Phil, writen by Jules T Smith, cinematography by Alex Stone, music by Joel Catchatoor and edited by Pawel Praez.

Synopsis: The lives of four strangers are changed forever when they discover a gruesome murder. Each character has their weaknesses and strengths but they will be put to the test when asked to make a horrible moral choice.

2AM Official PosterAs usual, all the filmmakers attended and partaked in a Q&A’s following their screening, for a look at the photos of the event, see here.

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