Kino Shorts 56 – 1st April 15 programme announced.

So, we’re all set for this month’s Kino Shorts night and the full programme is announced below.

KINO SHORTS IS BACK AT THE Three Minute Theatre on WED 1st April. Excited that we are gearing up in our 20th year of short film events in Manchester and following all the filmmaker submissions to this month’s event, we have 12 films screening (from 1 – 15 mins long) – in a fantistic line up films for your enjoyment. Also note that we’ll be annoucning the call for entries to this year’s festival on 1st April too, your chance to be involved in our plans for a super festival come November.


Chase Johnstone Lynch and crew at a previous Kino Shorts

Remember, we are open not only to all filmmakers in the North/North West of England but also we welcome future entries to Kino Shorts from outside the region, but filmmakers must be able to come to the event to represent their film and to participate in Q&A following the screening. And off course its a great event to do some networking with like minded folks.

We are now accepting enries to Kino shorts 57 at the end of this month, so contact us for an application form and for details of how to submit your film ( by DVD screener only) or download the form from the “files” link on the Kino Shorts Facebook group page here. This month’s programme details as follows.

Kicking of with 3 micro shorts and a music video. Two shorts from young director Kenneth James; REPAP – a two minute short stop frame animation about a man who must save the love of his life from the grasping hand of the devil; BEG is a very short one minute adaptation of a short two sentence horror story in which for the first time in days a man finally overcomes his sleep deprivation – which actually turns into his worst nightmare. This will be followed THE BIRDS, THE BEES and THE BULLETS, a 3 minute short from filmmaker Velton Lishke and co-directed by Aiden Rawsley. A father and son hitman team take down the bad guys whilst having hte awkward talk about where the babies come from. Finally, Kino regular Lee Bolton brings us his new music video LET”S GET IT ON (Don’t stop), with American Artists Donald-D (Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndication) and Lenell Brown. The Track is a third release from the Album ‘This is the Time’.

Next up will be two short documentaries: STORIES OF THE IRWELL, is a short short documentary by Luke Blazejewski (5m 28s, 2014). The River Irwell has long been considered a lifeless stream of toxicity and waste. This film seeks to challenge those perceptions by exploring the river as a source of biodiversity and recreation. Following will be NAMING GAZA’S DEAD, a short documentary made with a community spirit by Bryony Rogers (8mins 33s) of a Vigil for Gaza held in Lancaster UK on August 6th 2014, organised by Lancaster Palestine Solidarity Campaign. ‘Naming Gaza’s Dead’ is a reflection of what the vigil meant to the people involved, and a record of the event.

Next up the first public screening of Mark Callum’s and Darren Langland’s latest masterpiece THE ICEHOUSE PROJECT, (14min, 2014). Four suspects in a brutal murder case are kept in the same room in a police station in an unconventional attempt to reveal the identity of the killer.

ice houseNext up two newcomers to kino bring us their latest short films; 7934 KILOMETRES AWAY ( 4m 39s, 2014-5) is a short film made on a mobile phone by Jemma Houghton and Daniel McClelland. Seeing the world from a different perspective. Nicole, a Parisian takes stock of her life, against the backdrop of Vancouver. Following this will be LIFE AND THINGS, a short film written, produced and directed by AJ Akande (6 mins, 2015). A peak into the lives of a young couple as they take the monumental step of moving in together.

UNDER THE RUG,  is a short film written and directed by Jack Levy (10 mins). Jake is young boy battling his guilt in this coming of age story in which horse play turns to tragedy.

under the rug

Under the Rug

In the final section of this month’s event we have two acceptional shorts to end the night, two very different original stories from directors showcasing in Manchester for the first time. CIRCA (8m 32s, 2014) – a short film written, produced and directed by Steve Fairclough. A relationship develops from a chance meeting, but a hidden secret grows. CEPHALOPOD – a short experimental sci-fi drama written, produced and directed by Lewis Peake. (7m 30s, 2014) UK Premier.  N-CORP are deep in the midst of their sinister bio-tech experiments. Enter the next test subject – Volunteer 22. Forced to do painstaiking tasks, by completing seemingly arbitrary challenges with his special power, a side effect brought on from the genetic enhancements infliected upon him.

Both directors will be travelling over from Lancaster and London to join us for the screening so please show your good support in welcoming these fine filmmakers to Kino this month.

The Kino Shorts 56 Event page ion Facebook s here .

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